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Foot pain after induced coma


My daughter fell ill on 29th Aug this yr. She had influenza A and from that contracted viral pneumonia. She was operated on and placed in an ECMO machine as her lungs no longer worked. She was placed in an induced coma and ventilated. Was given dialysis over the entire time she was in ICU. She had so may problems and with a secondary pneumonia and the difficulty in keeping her vitals level, she flatlined twice. She was on ECMO for 44 days. The docs told us she had a very small chance of survival. But she is now in a normal ward awaiting rehab. She doesn't have alot of pain. The pain she does have is mainly in her feet. The top of her left foot is the worst. Has anyone else had that? She said it is like a burning ache.

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Hi I had trouble with my feet after induced coma but no pain. They were very swollen for a few months but back to normal now. I also suffered numbness in one hand for months.

Hi, I was in ICU earlier this year due to a DKA, and was in an induced coma during this time. When transferred to a ward I experienced numbness down my left side which eased over the following days. As the numbness reduced I began to feel the same sort of pain in my left foot which has since been diagnosed as diabetic neuropathy. However, I have also read various articles which have reported that a high number of patients who have been in induced comas also experience this type of pain, especially in their feet and hands. I am now on medication which has helped to ease this. Although in my case diabetes is the main problem, this type of pain only occurred after my time in ICU. Hopefully, your daughters pain will reduce given time and, if required , the appropriate medication.

Hi I spent three weeks in an induced coma.

l have numbness, pins and needles, shooting pains and tenderness on the outside of my left foot.

The numbness, pins and needles and shooting pain all generate from the top of my foot.

My physio recommend being fitted for shoes and I have and also put othotic insoles in my other shoes and this has alleviated most of my foot problems although not all.

I've suffered with these symptoms for a number of years now, including a burning sensation. In my case it's peripheral neuropathy and pre-dates my time in ICU. This condition is usually associated with diabetes but not in my case. I'm on medication for it, which helps somewhat.

Hi, how is your daughter doing now ? I was on ECMO for 54 days feb. to may 2020. Finally home mid Sept. after 7 months in the system. I finally was able to stand and walk mid August. I can only walk with a walker since my feet don’t work at all. They say the nerves take 2 years to come back. I hope I regain the use of them at some point.

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