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Memory loss after induced coma


My girlfriend was feeling ill and was taken to the er via the paramedics. Shortly after arriving she stopped breathing and did cpr on her. After bringing her back she was put in a medically induced coma for 10 days. Since she has woke up she doesnt remember anything and refers back to people 15-20yrs ago. She has hallucinations all the time. I am wondering is this common and will her memry come back since 7 days now since she was brought out of the coma she hasnt had know changes.

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Perfectly normal!! She has probably had some nightmares in the coma and due to low oxygen levels, it's affecting her memory. I thought I was dead for 2 months post coma, even after I'd left hospital.

I'm keeping a blog which may help, might not but it seems to parallel your gf experience.

Keep positive and bear with her xxx

I did a lot of research when my dad was in intensive care. I discovered it is perfectly normal to have hallucinations and memory loss - even for many months after. The sedation drugs are very strong and can take months to fully leave the body. My dad kept asking how we found him when we went to visit - he had been in the same place for weeks!!! He thought he had been in an accident in the sea, we do not live by the sea!!! It can be quite unnerving - as to them it is so real. He had no recollection at all of being sedated. Hope your girlfriend continues to recover well xxx

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Thank for your reply. When your dad came back to was his memory back in time instead of the present. In other word did he know at what point in life he was at or was he remebering as if he was back in the past years of his life. Also she asked over and over again how did i get here and about what was wrong that she was taken in the first place.

AJH1709 in reply to Dbaker

He was in present day - I believe. He did know who we all were so guess he must have been. My dad was in a drug induced coma for four and a half weeks - he had no recollection of that time at all.

I was in an induced coma for ten days and was having vividly real dreams for about a month after I came out of it. I had no recall of being admitted to hospital and in my confused state could not distinguish between the actual world and the dream world. It took some time before I began to become aware of where I was and what had happened.

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Thank you that bit of insight helps that was the same amount of days she was in her induced coma.

I totally understand where ure coming from it's been nearly 8 months since I came out of hospital and I'm still looking for answers and still getting some flash backs😀😀😀

It's a very strange feeling since I've been out sometimes I feel that half my body is nt my own 😀😀😀

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Hola, a mi abue let Paso igual. Ella no sabe distinguir entre El sueno y la realidad. Ella tiene 68 anos y Ella estana lucida antes de q la entubaran. :( Podra ser igual q antes?

Great resources it is greatly appriciated. Lots of good information on that website.

I do believe it is a time thing… Because when I came out of ICU I had visual acuity problems in my right eye I was deaf and the right ear I had neuropathy in my leg and my arm and I was hallucinating and I was falling and I still went to work in a busy ER… I kept seeing something out of the side of my face I thought somebody was following me constantly or behind me I became slightly paranoid and realized it was just a visual problem because of being so sick and in ICU… I pretty sure if you give it time your girlfriend will come back to you OK it's time and I personally know that best because I am struggling knowing full well it's all about time and I don't think I have time I don't wanted to take time I want to be back to where I was. At any rate I suspect your girlfriend is much younger than me… Hang in there we all have stories and were all frustrated but I'm pretty sure she'll be OK but please give her time that's what we need you know 💐💕💐

This is very normal, I had terrible hallucinations at the time and bad memory loss (still don't remember events leading me being admitted into hospital) so I presume that all this is perfectly normal. I have been told that this is the brain protecting us from the trauma of the situation we were in at the time in our lives.

This quite normal, she needs time to heal and improve.

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