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Induced coma


My mum was put in coma she had a massive heart attack then was told she had pneumonia the worst they have ever seen so they induced her in coma for 13 days and has woke up now but can't talk been awake for 2 days now and doesn't look like she is all there is that normal

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Dose take time your mother sufferd terrible assult with heart then pneumonia.

Am sure if you read hospital bed side notes you will have better idea of whats going on.

Wishing you well n your mum a speedy recovery

Hi there, Sirry to hear about your Mum, when I woke up I couldn't give my eyes open I was disoriented & confused for days so yes that's normsl she has had a massive amount of drugs its a very slow recovery she needs time, but it will be very slow took me 6 months to physically recover from just Pnemonia aline & I was 38 & super fit, love to you all keep us posted x

Could you speak when you come out of coma because my mum carnt that's the main worry at the moment

Hi, not very much for the first two days! Is she fully awake or under any sedation? She has had a massive trusm does she recognise you x

She has been of sedation now for 2 n half days I think she does recognize us she follows us with eyes and head and nods when we ask questions and you can see her mouth moving trying to talk just nothing coming out

Do you mind me asking how old she is? It's very early days I couldn't communicate properly for four days bless her she will be exhausted x

She is 54 on tuesday

Oh bless her 😔 I feel so sorry for her & you all keep strong x

I certainly feel for you and your personal situation, I had the most awful time but was very reassured by going to the follow up clinic and meeting the hospital staff who cared for me. I don't recall anything of my time except an occasion which appears to be my earliest - falling as I tried to get out of bed my legs were very weak.

Good luck with everything.

Sorry to hear about your mum, hope she shows some recovery. I was in an induced coma for ten days and then on a ventilator for three weeks after that. It took me some time to come round after coma and I couldn't distinguish the dream world I was living in from the actual world. I was probably not very coherent to my family. So give your mum time, she'll start to come round.

I was in induced coma for five weeks and heavily sedated for three more weeks. Like Steve11753 above when I "woke up" I couldn't distinguish the coma dream world I was living in from the actual world. Although I could speak I was incoherent and confused, it took a really long time to reconnect with "reality" (whatever that is). nine months later I still have coma dream flashbacks. Good luck with your Mum, just accept that recovery takes a long time.

Hi sorry to hear about your mother. I myself was in an induced coma due to pneumonia which the doctors and nurses also said was the worst they have seen and i am only 33 years old. I recall not being able to speak for a couple of days or so. Its because of the tubes that were down my throat for so long.. i also was out of it and feeling absolute terrified because of the coma nightmares and hallucinations i was having. It took me about 2-3 days after waking to realise why i was there and that my nightmares were not real. Your mother will overcome it. It just takes time. All the best.

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