Pneumonia and sepsis

Hi everybody, my close friend, who is 48, went into hospital 12days ago very unwell and it was found that he had pneumonia and his blood wasn't clotting, by that evening he was in intensive care in a induced coma. On day 2 he developed sepsis. His lungs are still not getting better at day 12 and he's still in an induced coma. Hes also been on kidney dialysis. Hospital staff are doing a wonderful job, i go in everyday hoping he can hear me and I am helping in a small way, it just seems one step forward and one step back , I know everyone is different but I wondered what experiences people have of this and hoping there is positive outcomes. Thankyou

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  • I had everything that you describe - I remained in a coma for two months and overcame sepsis, mof and severe ARDS - today I am well after 3months in ICU and a further month in hospital. I hope your friend improves - maybe you have a local icusteps support group - there you will be able to talk to survivors too

  • Thankyou Sepsur, I'm so glad you made a good recovery, that has given me some hope my friend will too.

  • Keep a diary for him. My sisters is in my blog at

    I also had sepsis pneumonia swine flu kidney infection multiple organ failure but am here to tell the tale. He can hear snippets of bits, very tiny snippets so tell him he is safe, he is loved and you are there with him. Massage his hands with a nice smelling lotion.

    D x

  • Thankyou BBDEBS. I will certainly take a look at your blog. I have started a diary and backdated it to the day I went with him to a+e I think it will help me as well as him. Thankyou for letting me know he can hear even if its just a little, I waffle on and repeat myself often to him, but I hope he can hear the important bits. I will get some lotion that is a very good idea, will also make me feel like I'm doing something. I Know it's early days but it does give me hope that he can come out the other side ok hearing from you, I'm glad you made a good recovery xx

  • Prayers for you all.

  • I had all the above except for dialysis, thankfully my kidneys were fine. I was in a coma for over 5 weeks and on several occasions was expected to not survive the night. I still have long term health issues as a result of the pneumonia and ARDS but I'm alive.

    I can remember hearing people who visited but it's all a jumble with very vivid hallucinations. Massaging hands and feet is a good idea. My hands swelled to twice their size and both feet the skin peeled off in sheets.

    Wishing your friend all the best for a full recovery.

  • Thankyou Lynn2010 for your reply, I'm glad you made it through and am sorry you have been left with ongoing problems. We are at 2weeks in a coma today and progress is very very slow, I know he is having the best care though. He too has swollen feet and hands which they said will improve as he gets better. I've read about the hallucinations while under sedation and often wonder what he's thinking. Hearing that people can get through this has definitely made me feel more positive. I wish you all the best x

  • Morning all, yes me too had what i thought was the flu in bed for 10 days - finally gave in and went to the Walk in Centre - they did an ecg and off to hospital for me in an ambulance. There it went down hill. Pneumonia was diagnosed. Followed by sepsis. I was in ICU in an induced coma, dialysis, my partner was told to prepare for the worst. Hey here I am 18 months later, been back in full time work for over a year. The sepsis took its toll but thankfully the only lasting "gift" was AF and a leaky heart valve. Good luck to your friend, there is hope x

  • Thankyou ColletteTabitha for your reply, I am so pleased you made a good recovery. It's so hard to think long term but hearing from you definitely gives hope that things can go back to 'normal'. Xx

  • Hi Tracey

    I survived Sepsis, multi organ failure, pneumonia and bilateral pulmonary blood clots against all the odds. My family were twice told I wasn't going to make it but here I am. Eighteen months later I have post sepsis syndrome, still in recovery and embrace every day. There is hope. Healing thoughts and hugs.

  • Hi LesAnne, thankyou for your reply, I feel it will be a long recovery for my friend too. It now seems an age since he went into ICU and he's still very poorly, tomorrow he is having a tracheostomy which I hope will be a turning point, all be it a small one. So pleased you are so positive despite still recovering, we surely should embrace everyday. I wish you all the best xx

  • Please don't worry, I was in hospital with double pneumonia and septicaemia in Gosford Hospital last year. I was in an induced coma for 3 weeks in ICU, I wasn't responding well, so they changed the medications, then when they slowly brought me back out of the coma I spent another 3 weeks on the wards with a drip administering antibiotics for the septicaemia..apart from loss of memory that I still experience for about 3 weeks before I collapsed, whilst I was there and a few weeks after, I have made a full recovery. Yor friend will also

  • Thankyou ALLYY for your reply, I know it's early days and we should take it day by day, its just hard sometimes as I'm sure your family+friends found it too. I try to keep positive, all the staff at the hospital are doing a fantastic job so know he is in the best hands. I'm so glad you came through ok and have made a good recovery xx

  • Tracy, I completely understand..I wasn't sick beforehand, I was bringing in the washing and the next minute I woke in Hospital. My husband didn't allow our children to see me in ICU as I had tubes everywhere. Thy visited me in the ward. The doctors were to later tell me I was very very sick and they didn't know if I would pull through, but I did and I was ready to go home when they said not a chance you have a (blood fungus) septicaemia, so every other day they'd knock me out to do heart echos, I had to see an eye specialist, I had trouble walking unaided at first, that will pass and as I felt OK, I wanted to go home, but my husband convinced me I was in the best place and I was, as is your friend, so every afternoon hey'd attach an iv to my canula with strong antibiotics till my blood came back clear... talk to them..just know they are in the best of hands At the time my doctors also found I had a prolapsed uterus, somehow I had contracted Hep C ( to this day, I don't know how or that I even had it) what a mess hey.. and I was fine at the end...your friend will also make a good recovery as I was roughly the same age :) xo

  • Bless you ALLYY, that must have been so tough for your children and your husband, thankyou so much for you positive reply, it definitely gives me hope xx

  • Thank you Tracey, please keep us updated, and even if you need to talk don't hesitate, my face book page is Ally Karis, my profile pic is of me smiling, I have blonde hair xoxoxox

  • Thankyou ALLYY that is really kind, I may just take you up on that xxx

  • please do, I'm the Ally Karis who has lots of activity on my timeline, having 5,000 friends so I'm legit xoxoxox

  • PS and lots of activity on my page as I have 5,000 friends :) xoxoxoxo so you know I'm legit

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