Influenza A and Septic Shock Pneumonia

Hello everyone, I'm new here I have been out of ICU for 5 months I had Influenza A and Septic Shock Pneumonia resulting in me being Ventilated. I am feeling very low and finding it hard to sleep at night and my legs are very weak and I get tired very quickly. I am a pupil support assistant at a primary school and was put back to work by my GP 8 weeks after coming out of hospital. Does anyone know if this is normal after this length of time.

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  • Hi - with the gift of 20/20 hindsight - I am NOW fit for some work - I tire very easily. I tried working within a couple of months of leaving ICU with disastrous results. They say it takes 10-12 days to recover from every day you are in ICU. - so you do the math 😀. I was in ICU for 90+ days - all the same shit you've been through. It is a year since I was in hospital. -

  • Thank you Sepsur I will do the maths you have been very helpful. Good luck with your recovery and work.

  • Hello, I had a similar reason for ICU to you. At the time I was a Deputy Headteacher in a Secondary school. The whole thing devastated my health and well being. I could walk or stand for anytime for weeks. I came out of hospital mid January and I didn't return to school until the week after May half term. When I did return I did a very slow phased work pattern. I suggest you get a new GP if possible and contact the ICU for advice ( they may see you for a check up and send an advice letter to the GP). Take the time you need, schools are hard, uncompromising workplaces and once you are back you can't take it easy, it's just not an option so you need to be up to full speeds before you return. Good luck x

  • Thanks for your reply, I handed in my notice in July physically couldn't take any more the Headteacher had me doing a sponsor walk for two and a half hours in 27 degrees she wasn't very sympathetic I was advised to ask her about oh I was told not needed.When my husband told her I was ill her reply to him was what am I supposed to do about it. Doctors in the practice all stick together.I now am suffering from acute delirium after my stay in hospital I have been going back to the doctors since April about my nightmares and thoughts it is only now that I have seen a specialist and he diagnosed me x

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