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Update: Mom Still In Septic Shock

I'm now 61 days in the ICU. Met with the doctors who wanted me to end my mother's life. The family meeting was pointless. No one had a plan. I literally had questions the team refused to answer. Social work , who has never talked to me until that day, had the most to say, although she knew nothing.

I pointed them to the pathology of my mom's gallbladder. No one took it seriously. Now that I was able to get the scan through the attending physician. Her gallbladder is inflammed with infections and stones ( a very plausible cause to the sepsis. She is too critical for surgery or anything else. So I'm just praying she stabilizes. I must admit, I'm infuriated and saddened. I feel as though I failed my mom, but I've honestly fought the hospital and doctors tooth and nail. 😩

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I would fight them all the way AM sure if your mum was beyond recovery other systems would be involved.

If the not involved i would fight them IF the talk about your mother brain and sepsis say you give her oxygen at first signs of sepsis.

Am sure she just needs time antibiotics fluids.

Dont feel you have failed you are taking on might of medical profession AND that takes balls

If was not for there negligence due diligence sepsis would not of happend.

Am sure your mother would be proud of you


Thank you. I'm checking this out now

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I am very sorry regarding your mother, I have had septicaemia 3 times and always landed in ICU but not as many days as your mother. Now I have my left kidney removed I am looking forward to a year of no more admissions only clinics and hopefully no more days off sick.

Don't feel that you have failed her you need to stay strong for her and yourself, think to yourself what is best for mother. I am a praying woman and I will do that for you.

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I appreciate that


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