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Dad in ICU with septic shock

Hi everyone

Dad was admitted to ICU after collapsing at home and lying there for 16 hours. He was in septic shock when he got to ICU.

My brother & I were told to fly back from Singapore & India where we live as he wasn't expected to make it through the night.

That was just over a week ago. Dad was taken off sedation and all the machines 4 day's ago and since then he's had to go back on dialysis as he has renal failure and his urea level was 57 yesterday.

The hospital woke me up at 2am this morning to let me know his blood pressure has dropped again and they've put him on meds for that.

I'm sorry to say this but it feels like watching my Dad in a torture chamber. He's not coherent. Doesn't seem to be able to talk, just groaning like a sick animal while they continue to prod and poke and distress him. He lifts both hands to his face in distress everytime anyone comes near him.

I'm just distraught and my calls for pain relief etc. for him are being ignored. Dad is a very proud man and I feel his dignity is being violated.

Any suggestions please?

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