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My Dad with Covid 19 and acute pneumonia in ICU.


My dad been in hospital for 16 days and only 3 days ago the Doc decided put him in a induced coma as he was not improving and needing more and more oxygen.

He is currently stable in ICU on 50% oxygen, but all the Doc are saying he is critical and can died any minute. He was choose to trial a treatment using Azithromycin. I havent slept for 6 day, my anxiety l, stress levels are sky high. Im also very worried about my mother who high risk as she was with my father. I feel like a lost boy.

All im hearing and seeing is death.

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It’s easy for me to say but your Dad, if he is so unwell to need critical care, then take comfort that he is in the best possible place.

Here are a series of pdfs which you may find useful

Thank you

Hi sorry to hear about your Dad. There are a few of us here in the same boat.

It all seems to be men in there 50s, I wonder why?

3 days is very early days on the ventilator for this it seems. The ventilator is there to do the work for them to allow them to rest and heal. Expect a rollercoaster of ups and downs with the oxygen level but know that people can and do recover from this. The doctors are learning more and more everyday and are well versed in how to treat ICU patients generally. I know it’s difficult not to worry but just pray he is OK and if your strong then so can he be xx

avnipiro in reply to Heartgal151

Thank you for reassuring words. Sending blessing your way.

Rgsable in reply to Heartgal151

How is your dad today and how are you coping?


My husband is on ventilator for 13 days now and everyday his oxygen level is up and down. The doctors and nurses are trying hard. It's very hard to stay positive and strong but try not to worry to much. One of the thing that they are doing with my husband now is to put him into prone position everyday to get his oxygen level low.

avnipiro in reply to Rgsable

Thanks for the kind words, what is prone position? Is that when they put the patient on their front.

Rgsable in reply to avnipiro

Yes that's right and it works

avnipiro in reply to Rgsable

Yes they have been i bekieve every 12 hours

Rgsable in reply to avnipiro

Is this not working for your dad? Is your dad sedated now?

avnipiro in reply to Rgsable

Yes from my understanding, so today wanted to see if My dad can could breath for him self, so they slightly reversed the sedation and he managed to breath by himself and was able to responsed to the Doc, then they slowly sedated him again. He is no longer on the blood pressure medication.

So very sorry to hear about your Dad. My partner was put on a ventilator 2 or 3 days ago ( sorry my brain is pounding ). Here to lend and understanding hug xxx

Avnipiro please share with us how your dad is. Hoping that he will pull through

Well yesterday the found he had an air sack on the upper lung and they managed to drain it, the Doc wanted to see if he could breath by him self so they lightly unsedated him and he responsed really well and he off the blood pressure medication and they lowered the oxygen he is in sedatation but not as heavy. Waiting for the Doc to give us an update today.

Hope you all doing well and staying positive

Doc just called no improvement and he hasnt got worse, they had to put a test-tube so they can release any trapped air from lungs. Stil stable and critical. I was hopeful for some improvements and good news

Cally74 in reply to avnipiro

You’re in my thoughts and I’m sending a virtual supportive arm around you. Clocks tick by so slowly don’t they 😔.

Marcita in reply to avnipiro

For many days doctor told us my mom was stable. Eventually she started improving slowly and slowly each day. I know how the word "stable" can also disappoint us.

Hold on⚘

Having a really bad day no sleep, mind going crazy. Went on social media to occupy my self first thing comes up how unsuccessful induced coma and ventilator are in battling Covid. Really finding this hard my anxiety levels are through the roof, just want to curl up and disappear

Zaaz in reply to avnipiro

It's really hard to find a way to cope but please try to take care of yourself. I am also in the same boat with my brother who is showing no progress after a month in ICU and is just static. Doctors keep telling me his chance of survival is very low, so I'm finding it hard to keep sane and sleep, just waiting for the dreaded call. Also saw the stuff on social media about doctors moving away from using ventilators which is just painful for those of us who's loved ones have been on ventilators for days or weeks. I'm already on antidepressants for anxiety and this month it's been sky rocketing. All we can do is hope x

avnipiro in reply to Zaaz

Sorry to hear that, its just so hard.

Doc just called to update us, stillnthe same stable no improvements and hasnt got worse. Still on 50% oxygen. All organs are still working.

Day 6

An update, dads still stable oxygen level between 45 and 50%, the leak in the lung that they had to put two tubes to release that trapped air is slowly going away, and Hospital are in contact with lung specialist at st George's, blood level improving interms of infection but white cell are still low but static. All the organ are working fine. But the Doc saying still very critical and can go either way.

A positive in some sense that 6 days in a coma and has not got worse, but also has not got better.


He been transfered to St George's Hospital today.

Marcita in reply to avnipiro

That's great. Covid patients usually go through a bad stage and then the body starts producing antibodies. Once that happen they improve slowly each day... ⚘

avnipiro in reply to Marcita

Fingers cross for us all

The Doctors just said not may come out of ICU in my dad position. Im gutted

What happened?

He transferred to another hospital, they said he was stable. But i said can you be frank and that when the Doc said it

Had some positive news small but still some sort of relief, this evening, they started to lower the oxygen level and will slowly wean him of the ventilator slowly and also take him outnof sedation, been a week and 1 day in a coma. Fingers cross we are heading in the right direction.

How is he doing?


They slowly weaning him of the ventilator and sedation however, during the night theyhad to increase the oxygen but then was stable. Heart is working fine now as we his other ogan but lungs still very damaged.

Sepsur in reply to avnipiro

That sounds very promising

Just last year,I was on the same boat as you . My mother had accute pneumonia. Therefore, she had breathing problem. The reason was all these things followed up because of her kidney problem which resulted in weakning her immune system. She was in ICU. My anxiety and stress level reached the sky.

My prayers are with you. Your father will heal with each passing time. Always hope for the best.

Day 10 in ICU Doc called for an update, he had his sedation lowered but will.not be lowered any more as he is still dependent on the Ventilator at 50% some days lower some days higher, he hasnt got worse all his organs are working fine but hasnt improved, he has been stable since he has been in ICU. Still can go either way. Today as a 30 odd years old and i havent cried this much.

Hang in there, my dad has been in the hospital since May 4, he has been in an induced coma on a ventilator since May 22. Doctors and nurses can only do so much. They took dad off sedation & paralytic drugs 4 days ago. He has not woken up yet. His oxygen saturation is 90-92% but requires 100% oxygen. I read reports from chest X-ray and see very small improvements. Dad gets tested again for COVID on Friday. Praying he is negative now so he can continue to fight. God has blessed us and continues to give us hope in Him. It is a long slow fight. Your family and your Dad are in my prayers.

God bless

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