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60 Year old Father in ICU

My father is in an induced coma in an ICU and has been for 5 days now. He has Heart failure, respiratory failure and kidney failure. They performed Dialysis on him for one day and took him off as his Kidney started functioning again and is producing 150ml of urine an hour (however not purifying the urine yet) opposed to 1ml when he was admitted. His heart and respiratory system aren't looking as good currently. The doctors told me to prepare for the worst as its likely he wont make it, however every day his body is looking better to me, he's no longer swollen, he's got his colour back, his skin looks good, the nurses are saying that his heart readings have now steadied at a good rate and he twitches his eye when we talk to him. I mentioned this to the doctor to say surely this is a better sign, but the doctor told me to not be deceived as the inside doesn't replicate. Just as you steady your upset mind to stay positive, you get shot straight back down again. Im having to push the doctors to even tell me that there is a chance of him pulling through, this experience is destroying me. Has anyone experienced a loved one progressively looking better which in the end led to recovery or is the doctor right saying its just deceiving ?

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* Too add to this he is a diabetic and has had a minor stroke about 5 years ago which he recovered from relatively quickly. Someone please tell me has a chance in recovering :(


I very much relate to your situation. My husband is 65 and was in an induced coma because he had untreated pneumonia that put him into septic shock. The doctors also told me he probably wasn't going to make it, but he did. They were very surprised. Just hold his hand, talk to him with encouraging words, play his favorite music, love him and don't give up hope. Be assertive with the medical staff, ask questions, and demand answers. Do research on your own. The doctors don't know your father, and you do... If you think there are signs that he's improving, he probably is. Hang in there, dear, and accept my best wishes for your father's complete recovery.

P.S. my husband is also a diabetic and had to have several rounds of dialysis to bring his kidneys back. Even though the doctors told me they were not going to cone back, they did!


dommachala, I think this is excellent advice. I was in the same position as your father two years ago (and am considerably older). My wife did exactly as Dannahbanana16 suggests, and here I am. Good luck – and don't give up.


Stay positive.Twice we have been told my mum won't make it.She has improved every day since.Doctors told my brother that mum no longer had the will or mental strength.....I asked her if she wanted to die.She was adamant she didn't.She has now been taken off the ventilator during the days and back on night.Her heart rate is good....all stays are good.Of course we are aware she is still very very delicate and poorly but things do look better .Keep talking,keep hoping and if you pray to anything in the universe KEEP praying.Big hugs xx

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I was admitted to ICU when I was 61 with a ruptured colon which resulted in peritonitis, sepsis and multiple organ failure. I was on dialysis for the kidney failure and in an induced coma for ten days; my family were told I had a 1% chance of survival and to prepare for the worst. But I pulled through and I'm here over two years later. There were repercussions but I'm fully recovered otherwise. Never give up.


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