Update, now in rehab, now many questions

5 weeks later here we are and my mother is now in a rehabilitation center. Upmc Mercy here in Pittsburgh. I hear its one of the best. Therapists say she is working hard and since they only have to work with her muscles her recovery may not be that long. Ever since they took the tube out her oxygen has been at 100% (meanwhile they wanted to do a trach) also the delerium part has finally went away. Now that the hard part is over I'm looking back and i really believe a mistake has been made. Shes in a spinal cord injury rehab and people there have been in serious accidents.. Then you go around and ask what happened to my mom and all she can say is she had an asthma attack... How do you go in for an asthma attack and wake up 17 days later with a tube down your throat and not able to move at all? I honestly believe she was over medicated. At one point she was on a paralyzing medication, high dosages of fentanyl and propofol and also versad & lets not forget the 60mg of steriods every 6 hours. I know they were able to control her asthma but my mind still wonders if they did something wrong..

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  • Also lets not forget the first night she got admitted i left at 12 am and she was on an hour breathing treatment, then at 2 am i got a call saying she was already in ICU and intubated. All i was ever told was the reason they did what they did was because her airways were tight. No other explanation for anything! Really makes my mind wonder sometimes

  • I'm very sorry to hear your mother's situation.

    How long was she in the induced coma for and how long was she paralysed for?

  • Thank you so much. She was in the induced coma for 17 days. And she was on the paralyzing medication for 5 days. I wish I could remember the dosage. All I remember being told is "she has a high tolerance" and she was on high dosages of everything

  • 5 days on paralyzing agents is a long time. It also depends if she was getting it intermittently during those 5 days or if she was on an infusion. Especially with Asthma and ventilation or the inability to ventilate during Asthma sometimes triggers giving paralyzing agents. Nevertheless should it be given sparingly and it should only be a last resort.

    Sometimes they may also give paralyzing agents for Patients who are on clinical trials/ research studies. I don't agree with this at all but I know it's happening to the often detriment of Patients.

    Especially since you are saying there was no explanation given. You wonder what they may have to hide?

    Check out this link here for more information


  • Hello, so sorry to hear this. Very worrying! My nanny is the ICU after having a stent fitted for an aeotic aneurism. Cut a long and traumatic story short,there's a 90% chance she could be paralysed!? She's on that propofol too, so is that a paralysing drug!?

  • Im sorry to hear about your grandmother. I will be praying for her and you. Ive done research on propofol and apparently that medication is a short term sedative. Why are they saying she may be paralyzed?

  • Thank you for your prayers, they are much needed and appreciated. We need To do some investigating. The surgeon may or may not have 'nicked' an artery. So, when that happened it would of had to of been clamped off to repair, stopping the blood flow to her legs for a while. She's just gone down for a scan to see if they can see anything they may of missed. (Fingers crossed there's nothing)

  • Wow! Thats so sad. I really hope nothing is found. I'll be looking out for updates. It's mind blowing how you go into the hospital for one thing, then 10 other things end up happening

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