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Pneumonia septicshock


Hi every one about 9 days ago I took my girl frend to hospital as she was havein trouble brething. Turned out she had server pneumonia both lungs and she went in to septic shock her body has took a right battering. Yesterday they took tube out of her throat and put a mask on her mouth she was still havein trouble brething so now today they had to serdated her put tube back down her throat. She might have scaring of the lungs .they were on about tryin steroids. And waiting for the lung specialists to see her .still don't know what bacteria she got .it pray every day for her it's so hard .hope she pulls threw .it's seams like a long road .😢😢.can any one give me some advice or any one expiriencs same problems .thanks you to all if can help

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Hi I had something similar three years ago but it was caused by a UTI in the end I had pneumonia in both lungs and severe septic shock it does take a long time it's a very slow process the body has to heal itself within and that takes time and patience! Just sit and speak with her. Even though she's sedated she can still hear you, I heard people speaking when I was in a coma that was what woke me up! Hold her hand just being there for her is the best thing you can do. She will get there xx

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Aww thanks for your reply means a lot to me .I've only seen her awake for one day when they woke her up to see if she can start brething on her own with a mask . it's hard she's 44 she still got a lot of crap on her lungs she was not ready for the mask and to try start brething on her own .just needs all the crap on her lungs to start brakein up so she can couth it up . Was you on and off dialice machine to .her organs started to shut down . I read up you can have problems later on after havein septicshock. Hope she don't. How long did it take for you to get better and get back to your self how long was you in hospital .x

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Hi Tony what they did with me when they took me off the respirator to clear my lungs they put a space helmet over my head for 24hours and this forced the fluid from my lungs! I was on loads of drips had one in my neck which held six phials and a cut out in my wrist which entered the main artery for acsess for medication! I'm still getting over it I was 7months off work should have been longer but I needed to get back to work!!! I now have PTSD because of the time I spent in ICU but nor everyone get that! I was also left with a heart problem and have to take medication! Just be there for her when she gets home! Make her speak about her time in ICU give her lots of hugs! Xx

Hi Tony10

Just like to say that you and your girlfriend are in my prayers 24/7


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Aww thank you means a lot

My Mom is in the hospital right now with pneumonia. They had her on bipap (that mask you're talking about), but her pulse ox level was still super low. And her temperature was still sky high. So they decided to do cultures on her chest, and intubate her. All her vitals went back to normal, but kidneys started to fail. They're saying they might start her on dialysis.

I know what you're going through. It's so scary. It's's the HELL do people still get this sick off of pneumonia?? And the Doctor's can't give you a straight answer about what's gonna happen, because they don't know. And it's like a week ago they were sick, but they were still them...and now they are laying in a bed, sedated, with a million tubes going everywhere. How does that happen?

I hope your girlfriend gets better. I'm sorry you're going through this. Believe me, I know how it feels.

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Aww thanks for your reply. I home your mother gets well soon .it's good to talk to people with similar problems. To understand about every thing. It is so hard .😕

Lady_Koolaid, While I was in a coma from pneumonia in both lungs and severe septic shock . I didn't even know I had it went on vacation and the next day i got home I was in hospital in the induce coma. My kidney and heart started failing while I was under. But I am better now. This was back in May 7 months ago. So keep your head up she will need you for the next couple of months.

My dad's just got out of ICU but is still hospitalized for something similar, pneumonia and a superbacterial infection. It's a very long haul. He was in ICU for 5 weeks. But he is getting better after weeks of being on antibiotics. (He's also in his 70s which makes it more intense.) So I would just say be patient and give the antibiotics a chance to work. I hope she gets better soon!

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Aww thank you for your reply. Hope your father stays well and wish him all the best in his life .thanks

I had a similar thing in 2010. Whilst in ICU I caught a Ventilator acquired infection and it took them a while to identify the bacteria causing it. I was gravely ill and spent 49 days in ICU. Long term my lungs are permanently damaged but I'm still here. Good luck.

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I am glad you are still here. Sorry that you had such a terrible experience. Thank you (and Vita81068) for sharing how much time was spent in ICU. At the beginning, we just don't know. But knowing that it can take a long time is helpful and hopeful. At least we know what to expect, and that patience is needed.

Just received a link to this discussion via email. I think it was more than coincidental.

My other half went to the hospital with breathing difficulties a week ago. The next day he was rushed to ICU because he couldn't breathe at all. Pneumonia, septic shock, and a lot of other issues. He had been receiving chemo, and they gave him an injection to increase white blood cells, but they did so withOUT first checking to see whether the injection was needed. It wasn't. They said the high blood cell count/injection is what did this.

Anyway, one week later and here we are. Sounds so similar, because on the third day he was doing a little better, and he managed to take the tube out himself. They thought he might be ready to have the tube removed. We were talking that day. But they put the tube back in the next day, and he's been sedated since.

They have cut the sedation in half. But still a long road ahead. I wish I could give you a hug. It is so very difficult to deal with.... for both patient and loved ones. It's a struggle to remain positive... much of the time it's terrifying. And your heart is breaking.

My other half has received dialysis 3 times now. The first couple of times he didn't handle it well at all. But yesterday's dialysis went very well. Slowly, very slowly, but surely, the numbers are going back to where they should be. They cut the sedation in half, but said they can't lower it any more right now. They need to rest so that everything can heal.

Talk to them. Hold their hand. Let them know that you are there, and that it might be a long road, but things will work out.

I feel so bad for everyone here going through similar situations. I keep telling people that we're not alone... that many people have gone through the same thing.

One of the hard parts is trying to stay positive. I can do that alone, and with the support of optimistic people. The nurses and a couple of online pals have been a big help with that. But so many are so negative. They're depressing, and then you get depressed, and you don't need that at this time. I spend most of my time at the hospital. But, if I know when a particular doctor will be visiting, or one of the well-intentioned but depressing chaplains will be there, I stay away from the hospital during that time. heh

Prayers and hugs for you and everyone here. If you need anything, ask. Someone here might be able to help.

My dad had the same - pneumonia and sepsis. He was sedated and ventilated for 4 weeks and then had a trache for another 3 weeks I think (losing track of everything now!!). It is a very long road!! He is still in hospital it has been 15 weeks today!! He had lost so much muscle that even though he is now pretty much clear medically he is so weak. He has had to have a peg fitted to his stomach to feed him as somewhere along the line his vocal chord has become damaged and is now paralysed so he cannot swallow. Yesterday they assessed him and are talking about rehabilitation. I don't know if he will ever get back to 'normal' :( Wishing you and your girlfriend all the best - this site is great for talking to people who know exactly what you are going through x

Hi Tony I hope your girlfriend is making progress. In February/March this year I survived septic shock, multi organ failure, pneumonia and blood clots in both lungs. I spent a month in hospital the majority of which was in ICU and my husband was twice told I wouldnt survive but here I am ! Our bodies are a amazing and the staff in ICU will do everything they can to help her. Healing thoughts Lesley-Anne

HI, I have pneumonia in both lungs and severe septic shock in May 7 months ago. My lungs doctors was the best doctors you can have. I was in a coma for 9 days and in those 9 days my daughter tells me they had me on all kinds of different steroids. I came out of it but was still in hospital for 1 month. She can hear everything you are saying to her just be there for her. When she wakes up she won't be able to talk much I am still having trouble with my voice box where they damaged it. But they say it is fixable so that's what i'm dealing with now. Also when she comes out of this her body will be so weak from laying in bed so long she will need your help with walking and other things. But she will get it back. I will be praying for her and you.

Hi Tony,

I had double pneumonia, severe sepsis and multiple organ failure 6 years ago on the 18th December and can still remember it like yesterday, although nearly 2 months are missing of my 3 months in ICU as I was sedated most of that time, spending the first 19days intubated before the tube could be removed and tracheotomy done (tube in the neck) which I had for most of the 3 months, I was also on dialysis for 6 weeks causing me to have 8 units of blood, a mucus plug the size of a golf ball broke away from my lung stopping me breathing for 10mins and causing me to have 2 cardiac arrests, then to top the lot I contracted ARDS which caused major scarring to my lungs but against the odds and the amazing work done by the ICU doctors & nurses to save my life I'm still here to enjoy life allbeit at a slower pace due to the lung damage but I'll take that over the alternitive.

Recovery is a long process which can often come with psychological problems which many ex-ICU patients find hard to deal with, ICUsteps have a free to download booklet on their website I hope your girlfriend makes a good recovery and wish you both a healthy 2017.


Hey tony I'm sure your lass will pull thro ,I had sepsis and pneumonia and made a full recovery I was very ill, I didn't know where I was I was delirious,thought nurses where taken me away on a boat!!they said I was at deaths door and I was given the last writes ,very scary but I wasn't ready to die I can't thank the MHz enough they were amazing they hit me with every antibiotic till one just worked and just like that I started to feel better and get my strength back hope you and your girl get the support she needs peace s.r

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