shifting to the ward

Hello everyone, my daughter hasn’t improved at all. Doctors say she’s stable even though she is not moving at all. She is only bone and skin. She is alert but doesn’t speak or swallow. She needs suctioning every hour and change position every 2 hours. Peg tube formula is the only food she is on. We will shift her to the ward tomorrow but my heart is broken, doctors don’t have any answer for her paralysis. I think they over dose her with sedatives till she became paralyzed. She’s been in induced coma for a month and off for 2 months now. I still have hope in God to cure her but I don’t know how to manage her disability and needs in the ward and at home later. I have a son with severe epilepsy and needs my help with everything. I try to be positive and hope for the best but there are many responsibilities that I cannot handle alone. Also confused about my daughter’s paralysis. I know everyone’s experience is different but I keep searching the net for people who recovered well after long paralysis. Hope you guys know anyone and tell me about it. Thanks to all of you.

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  • Just trust in God, Don't give up just yet he has the power to perform miracles

  • Thanks for your nice reply. Hope in God is the only thing we have.

  • Hi can she communicate by any chance or

  • Sometimes she nods her head to answer questions but not all the time.

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