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What a Rollercoaster

So after being elated that dad was moved from London back to our local hospital things then seemed to go downhill pretty fast. They just didn't seem to be doing anything for him and it was so frustrating after he has pulled through so much. Now faced with kidneys failing and paralysed vocal chords. We were called in on Sunday night and told that three consultants and renal unit in Oxford all agreed that he was not a candidate for dialysis so basically there was not much more that they could do and they reckoned he had weeks rather than months. Then had a really awful conversation about how to tell him - I am adamant that I don't want to be there - its my dad - I don't want to see his face when they tell him that. Had an awful night understandably, no sleep, mum and uncle in tears next day - just felt sick!!!!! Then next afternoon a new consultant came to talk to my mum. She had read all his notes from past 3 months and although there is a risk she thinks its one worth taking and the renal unit in hospital agree and so now they are prepared to undertake dialysis when his kidneys get bad enough to need it. A small glimmer of hope again :) I am at least happy they are now trying something and haven't just given up on him. Some medication has been changed that is known to affect kidneys and he had a blood transfusion yesterday afternoon so looked a lot better after that. I still accept this could be a losing battle but at least they are trying xx

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Hey lovely, I was lucky enough to have dialysis, the kidneys are "the laziest organs in the body" according to my consultant. 8 months later, kidneys are tip top, hope your dads get the kick up the a**e mine needed to start working again.

Keep your chin up

Debs xx


My thoughts are with you my dad has been in Barts for 7 weeks 3 in Icu in a sedated coma then moved to not do critical care which was terrible the care wasn't there and now they want to move my dad on to local where we are worried now that the care again won't be to his needs the NHS really is in such a awlful state and its all about budgets I'm afraid

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I'm so sorry! I hope the dialysis works! Thinking healing thoughts!


Kidneys seem to be staying stable after the mediation was changed but he just seems to be getting weaker and weaker. Was meant to be having a PEG fitted yesterday but procedure was cancelled and is now rescheduled for Monday and the next swallow test will be after that. Mum has asked me to look into councillors for her talk to - she is not coping very well at all and where I have you guys she feels she needs to talk to someone unrelated to the whole thing. xx Thank you to everyone who takes the time to reply - it really does help xx

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