Only 6 days down the line

My dad had a cardiac arrest on the tube Saturday night he now is in barts in a sedated coma ,reading others experiences on here is comforting it's nice to know the weird bubble feeling it gives you up and down to the hospital ,I know time is a healer but god it's a cruel world .someone did go to his aid and gave him spr but now we don't know if there is any brain damage ,me my mum and brother feel like we are in nightmare trying to get out at present its terrible


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  • It is a living nightmare - can totally relate to what you are going through. My dad has been in a sedated coma now for 4 weeks today. Just praying for a miracle. Try to stay positive and have hope - i have good days and bad days but think without hope I would be questioning what is the point. This group is great - talking to people who are going through the same thing as you - no one understands what it's like unless you have been there x

  • I totally agree it's a bubble, weird, lonely worrying ,small fairy steps forward then great big leaps backwards no one knowing how long or even if there is a recovery 😞

  • Hi Sam,

    Take comfort in that your dad is in the best place possible, ICU can seem a terrifying place for many people with so many machines, tubes & wires connected to a loved one can appear like an alien world, my wife and family described like the outside world never existed once you walked through the doors. We are sedated as patients to allow the body to recover so your dad will be feeling no pain but may be able to hear you so keep talking to him to reassure him you are there, when he comes out of sedation he may appear distant try not to worry as this is quite normal the drugs we are given can make things look very different to reality, I would describe it as being in a bizarre virtual world that feel very real at the time.

    Don't be afraid to ask the doctors questions as I'm sure they will keep you as informed as possible, a lot of hospitals have the ICUsteps Intensive Care Guide for patients & relatives that can give you a lot of information or it can be downloaded for free from the website

    Best wishes on your dad making a good recovery.


  • Thank you they are going to do a tracheotomy on Monday or Tuesday our main concern is brain activity now ,once he starts to come round from sedation it's the brain dead fear and it's my mum I fear for now ,my dad would never want to be in a wheel chair having a full time carer .

    It's odd the conversation we are having talking about him as if he has passed away but every time we walk threw those doors in ICU and hearing the beeping it's a noise I will never forget x

  • The human body has amazing powers of recovery so never give up hope, I was told I should of never made it to hospital let alone survive as I was so critical with double pneumonia & severe sepsis shutting all my organs down, 10 days in I had respiratory arrest when a mucus plug the size of a golf ball block my airway, causing 2 cardiac arrests it took about 10 mins to remove the mucus plug, my wife to had fears of brain damage and even wondered if they were doing the right thing in trying to save me, but they never gave up trying every drug possible and even asked doctors around the world for help, with an American doctor finally finding the answer, I spent 3 months in ICU with a trachy for most of it which was very frustrating being unable to speak and my family rubbish at lip reading. It will be 6 years ago on 18th December and we all still remember it like yesterday and I proved how amazingly the body can recover that even surprised the doctors, hopefully your dad will make a good recovery which will be helped with you trying to stay positive at this very traumatic time, I'm sure it will give him great comfort.


  • Keep strong Sam, lean on us for support and help. I had a cardiac arrest along with other issues in Feb, but I'm now, just, back to work full time this week. Miracles are possible xx

  • It's the brain trauma he may have suffered we are all unsure about

  • Please be very kind and compassionate with yourself, there will be a roll a coaster of emotions. Life seems so uncertain and difficult at times but keep talking and stroking hands, foreheads and feet all very therapeutic for your Dad. I know these helped me a lot.

    Very kindest wishes,


  • Thanks Angie we all feel like it's a nightmare ,we travel up sit with him I know it takes time but it's emotional and so sad

  • Please feel free to call me in the evenings Thursday, Friday or Saturday on 01323 430040.

  • Look after yourself and your mum, be kind and take some time out. When I was in ICU i had a trach and was in an induced coma for ages they prepared my family for the worst as seems to be the norm but I'm home talking and walking albeit a little unsteady. Talk to your dad play his favourite music, tell him what's happening in his favourite TV programs etc. be there for him when he comes round as its one hell of a confusing world when he does. Take care we are all here to help you when you need us and take good care of yourself. Hugs x

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