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Doctors have requested to meet with us :/

I just phoned the hospital for a quick update as no one could visit my dad today - was told he is much the same but if I spoke to my mum could I tell her to come in tomorrow if she could as the doctors would like to talk to her. Bit annoying as she has been there for the last three days and she was going to have a break for a few days (it is a two hour journey pretty much to get to him in London so we do a few days each). We are both going to go in tomorrow now which is probably better anyway - but I'm now scared what they are going to say :( Sure they don't ask to see if you if its good news :(

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Hi no it doesn't mean bad news, the doctors like to keep you informed on what's going on and what they are going to do. We have had quite a few consultation . 2 hours is very long what hospital is your dad in.


He is in St Mary's in London. We have to drive to our local train station, get a train into London then a bus from Euston to Paddington - my mum usually stays in a guest house by the hospital as she hates travelling there and back in a day :( (she had a stroke a couple of years ago and it's all a bit much for her) they do know all this so to call her back in when she has just been there for three days seems odd :(


Oh I don't know that hospital I will look it up .my dads in King's collage hospital which is a great hospital, at first I wasn't to keen but now there really good. That's awful traveling all that way on top of all the stress to, couldn't they put him in a hospital nearer to you?

When you go back to see the doctors I will say they are a bit negative but that's what doctors are like the nurses are more positive so don't. Be alarmed if they say something upsetting as we have had that many a time, just think to yourself that miracles do happen and be postive no matter what they tell you xx

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Thank you - it wasn't the greatest news. Basically he is not responding to the antibiotics, getting weaker by the day and they are not sure how much longer he can keep fighting. If he seems too distressed they may sedate him again to make him more comfortable. Mum in bits but me ever the optimist am still certain he can fight this. He was definitely more alert today and as you said nurse was lovely and as optimistic as me and said doctors just have to be honest!

At Mary's is in Paddington - he was taken there from our local hospital as he had an aneurysm and they are vascular specialists - and to be honest if he hadn't been there when he had a massive bleed a few weeks ago he definitely would not still be with us. Xx


Hi you have to be postive even though trust me it's hard, my mum also struggles one min she's up next she's down.

The doctors will try there best for your dad, it sounds like his body needs to rest so if they sedate him he will get that.

That's was good he was taken to that hospital then!

Hopefully his a bit better today we all just got to take very small steps x


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