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Boyfriend not waking up from induced coma


Last Tuesday my boyfriend got out from the bed and just fell, he had some kind of seizure for minute or two and then his heart just stopped beating. He was rushed to hospital and they got his heartbeat back eventually. He is only 21. He was put in induced coma for 6 days and they stop sedating him 2 days ago. He was given another 48 hours to at least open his eyes. Doctors say he doesn’t stand a chance because his brain was too long without oxygen. I don’t know what to do, I still can’t believe this is happening and I still believe in miracles. Has anyone been in similiar situation? They won’t let me see him because I am not officialy a family but we’ve been together for 3,5 years he means the world to me I feel so helpless.

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I’m sorry to hear what you are experiencing, I hope he makes a complete recovery.

khaleesix3 in reply to Sepsur

Thank you, i strongly believe in that too. We’ve made so much plans together, the world is in front of us, he’ll be back, he has to be.

So sorry to hear about your boyfriend hope he makes a full recovery I was in a coma for 8 days and staff told my family I was not going to make it but am still here today hopefully your boyfriend will pull through big hugs to u all.

Thank you❤️ They’ll do EEG test to him tomorrow morning, i really hope I will update with incredible news. His mom told me he has tears in his eyes everytime she talks to him so I know he’s still here with us and I know he is fighting. He also started breathing on his own today so I strongly believe.

I am sorry to hear this and I am sending love and prayers for your boyfriend's full recovery. He knows you are his world and knows you are there for him xx

khaleesix3 in reply to KlovesL

Thank you❤️

I'm sorry for what you're going through. I know exactly how it feels, and let me tell you: YES, miracles exist!! You have to keep your faith and be thankful for every small step he makes. My dad was in induced coma for a month, and all doctors told us the same: he had no oxygen for so long, he might have brain damage. After taking the sedation off he wouldn't wake up. I used to talk to him, tell him stories about my childhood with him, and tell him I love him so much!! Sometimes he would rise his eyebrows, sometimes he would just move his hand just a bit. It took him 4-5 WEEKS to open his eyes and know that we were there. He's now home, he starting to walk again, and his brain is in perfect conditions!! He's my dad just the way he always was. That was a miracle. Please, please do not lose faith! Stay positive and remember that some days might be all good, and some others terrifying... but that's part of it. Always ups and downs, but never lose hope and faith, and the "downs" mean NOTHING, cause the very next day he can make an amazing recovery.

Send him all your love... even if you can't see him, I'm convinced that love heals!

P.S. Do not read info about his conditions on the internet, cause that would make you feel worse with all the statistics and stuff. At the end is all about HIM and not what the statistics say.

Sepsur in reply to titiday

Too right - whilst in an eight week coma, I dreamt of my family and getting them to ‘safety’ almost constantly. They dragged me back with their attention & love. I was given no chance of survival & if I did miraculously survive, my family were told to prepare for me to be brain damaged.

khaleesix3 in reply to Sepsur

They did EEG this morning and his brain is functioning, at minimal rate but it is, that can always be improved. And we were finally relieved and then they told us he got sepsis from the bacteria in the liver and his kidneys are now in danger too. He is a volleyball player for more than 10 years now and he has strong muscles and his body is strong so I know he can fight this and as soon as he does he’ll be back.

khaleesix3 in reply to Sepsur

P.S. I am glad you made it, you are living proof that doctors aren’t always right.

khaleesix3 in reply to titiday

Thank you, he has always been special in his own way so I know statistics can’t be applied to him.

I am really glad about your dad❤️

I hope they're letting you see him, it might be protocol but it's not humane to prevent you. Be sure he's in there fighting his way out to you. My hopes and prayers are with you both.

They won’t, I tried everything.. but I think about him every second of the day and I hope he can feel that. Thank you❤️

Even if you can't see your boyfriend, could the hospital arrange for you to talk to one of the doctors (perhaps on the phone) so that you can get an assessment at first hand?

I don’t think so, things don’t work like that in country we live in. But his mom lets me know about every single detail so I’m always involed in some kind of way.

you must have faith! my brother had cardiac arrest on July 25th. he was in induced coma for two days, when they stopped his sedation, and they put him off ventilator next day, he was breathing on his own. he started opening his eyes a bit, but he did not see anything and did not react to anything. he was in waked coma, no reactions at all. his pupils did not have any reaction. until this monday , when he is awoke and regained his conciseness. he is still not ok, he hears, and sees, basic reactions and reflexes came back, but he does not move, does not talk. YET. he communicate sometimes with blink of his eyes. everyday is little bit better than day before. today for first time i had a feeling he recognized me. maybe he did maybe he did not, but he hold may hand and squeeze it. Every single day is better than day before. small step, but still step forward. he get some hospital bacteria... common. so keep faith!!! everything can happen!

sadly he passed away two days ago. i believe he is in a better place now. thank you❤️

i am so sorry for your loss. he must be in a better place ❤️

hvala ti, mislim da ćeš razumeti po niku :)

da, naravno :)

So sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you 🙏

Sepsur in reply to khaleesix3

I’m so sorry to read this.

Sorry to hear this. It looks like you tried your best for him.

I’m very sorry for your loss, he will know that you loved him- and know that in future you will receive an even greater love as a blessing - I lost my first boyfriend at 19, after 3.5 years, my first love nobody prepared me for a greater love coming into my life therefore when he appeared / I was still grieving my first boyfriend and terrified of giving my love to someone new. So afraid of loss again I ran from love . God has a plan for you and you boyfriend will want you to live and love again . Grieve fully and deeply and have faith in god

I’m so sorry. Praying for you all from Texas.

I am sorry to hear about this ! He is a young man and I hope he comes out of this soon. Lots of prayers sent your way!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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