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19 Months Since ICU And Still No Energy

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Please help .My dear husband had a terrible motorbike accident in June 2016..He suffered massive impact injuries after hitting a chevron sign..He spent three weeks in an induced coma and four weeks on a life support plus one week in Major Trauma after Icu.After recovering from the life threatening injuries he has been left with total paraylis to his left arm ,wrist and hand.He takes a nerve tablet called Lyrica which helps his phantom pains. since coming home in July 2016 he has had a very slow recovery.He never seems to have any energy at all and sleeps for England although we are 18 months on.He seems alot better mentally lately i.e. he doesn't cry anymore or seem depressed. It concerns me that he just had no energy and sleeps so much.He is only 53 and it is like he has aged 20 years in his health.Our Gp said it could be the shock from his accident and his medication .I cry when when he's asleep as I can't seem to find any help or support out there about what's telly the cause.Luckily my husband's head scan was clear but I have read being in a prolonged coma can effect you long term .Any replies are so welcome.Thank you.

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My heart goes out to both of you. Is there an ICUsteps meeting near you? Follow the link for support groups on


Here you may find the emotional support you need coming to terms with your husband’s changed mobility & character. He may also find the emotional support he needs to kick start his recovery. There are many agencies that can offer support but they are hard to access. Through a local ( for us) organisation called Chester Voluntary Action - we have found out about so many small charities helping people in our situation. I think the generic term is CVO(community voluntary organisation). It’s an umbrella for all local groups. Why not try local Citizens Advice - they are impartial and really helpful.

There is also The Samaritans- you don’t have to be on the edge to call. I popped into our local office to drop off a poster advertising our icusteps meeting. Was given a cuppa tea and an opportunity to chat - strangely cathartic.

Has your husband been given a suitable physiotherapy routine for his condition?

I hope it improves for you both soon.

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Thank you for your reply.He sees a physio every six weeks but that is for his paraylis and to help with his neck and back pain caused by his arm paraylis. That in itself is awl ful not just ok you have lost an arm and hand but the mental side .Our lives have changed so much.He know longer works which I don't think helps.It is like his battery has ran out and he can't get going again.He is stoic strong mentally and on the whole deals with it alot better than most.I feel convinced it was because he was in such a bad way and in a coma for along time.x

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Depression alone is incredibly debilitating- low energy & tearful, sleeping a lot or not at all, are obvious signs. Without stating the obvious, has your husband been assessed for PTSD. What you both have been through is deep trauma - I’m sorry not to be of more practical help. Why I mentioned the CVO’s is that there are small charities like


which maybe able to help you.

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You are not alone, I was in ICU for over a month three and half years ago and still get bouts of terrible depression and anxiety to this day. Please see someone who can help you through this sad ordeal.

I’m so sorry to hear this. It must be terrible for you both. Have they checked his iron levels recently? My dad is anemic since the coma and has been prescribed iron tablets as he is totally exhausted all the time. They do say for every day in ICU you need 10 to recover. That on top of his other injuries may be tiring him. I do hope you seen an improvement in his energy soon.

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Thank you for your reply.He has a doctor's appointment in two weeks.I will mention that to his doctor.He did have a blood transfusion and in November his was in theatre all day and then had big post op bleeding and ended up back in hospital He's been through so much and I just want to help him pick up physically.x

Hi sorry about your husband, just like to say my daughter made a good recovery after being in induced coma . But the drugs she was put on was preventing recovery after she was weened of them she was so much better. Ask the gp does he need the drug can he just take pain killers? maybe cause the drug he is on actually sedates the brain . Best wishes .

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Kasabian in reply to erin76

Thank you for your reply.He needs to take his Lyrica on top of his painkillers.One doctor thinks it could be the shock to his system from his impact injuries.Anothers thinks it's a mixture of everything i.e. coma ,shock and his meds.I'm glad to read your daughter made a good recovery from her coma.x

They say it takes 1-2 years post ICU to get your strength back. I recently met a patient who told me he was still improving, and getting stronger some 16 months after discharge. Your husband may need more time, but as others have said it may also be a combination in his change in life style, and his medications.

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Thank you for your reply.I think his change in lifestyle and not working anymore has had a profound effect on him.We have reduced his mess by half ,he has said his head is feeling clearer.I think maybe it's a mix of everything.Recovering from being gravely ill eighteen months ago.He then had a massive op in the November which resulted in big post op problems and being readmitted in hospital for five days.He has lost his business,sold his motorbikes and not well enough yet to start thinking about looking for a job.The poor man has had so much to go through and now having to learn to readjust to a new normal.It's hard enough for me but my concern is my husband and his long term physical and mental health.I get him doing more at home and find even that seems to lift his mood and energy somewhat.I think his family think he should be ok now ,they have been useless regarding love and support ,but that's another story.x



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