Worried siblings

Hi all..just want to thank you all for the support I got when I posted about my brother Paddy . He had heart bypass nearly a month ago..He was so ill we thought we were going to lose him..thankfully he is still with us. He is still in ICU on light sedation..he's also had a tracostomy ; poor man has been through so much..he also has very bad scoliosis ( curvature of the spine) so his lungs suffered because of this condition. .so they felt they no option to put in the tracostomy to make him more comfortable. .He's a fighter and I'm so looking forward to having him back with the family eventually! So on behalf of myself and my big Irish family ..all twelve of us! Thank you all for helping me to stay positive 😚💞💚 Tessan

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  • Ah that's the best news!!! Xxx

  • Thanks bbdebs x

  • Hi Tessan,

    I'm so delighted that your brother is making such good progress. I'm sure things will gradually start to improve, although it may take time. Hopefully it won't be long before he's back home. Take care x

  • Thanks teatimeagain x

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