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Worried Sibling


My brother 64 years old, had heart bypass and aortic valve replacement eleven days ago..its been one set-back after another! He wasn't responding as well as they hoped so they did a scan, they found out that he had a stroke since op.. we are so worried hospital staff James Hospital Dublin are so good looking after him, he is still in ICU since operation and skin is looking very yellow plus he is running high temperature, they are letting us in to see him and telling us that he can hear what we are saying to him but he is still unresponsive other than opening his eyes every now and then..im so worried we will lose him..do we prepare ourselves for the worst ,can anyone give me hope..thank you all for talking the time to read my post x T

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Hi Tessan,

As someone who was given a very slim chance of survival nearly 6yrs ago as I was so critically, I would say never give up hope, the doctors will be doing all they can for your brother and are right in saying keep talking to him a familiar voice is always reassuring, the unresponsiveness can be down to the drugs that are used for sedation or to fight the infection so try not to worry to much.

My thoughts are with you at this difficult time and will your brother a good recovery.


Hi Tessan,

What a difficult time for you and your family.

Like Bill I have survived critical illness.

last September following a heart bypass, aortic root replacement and a Mitrel clip on another valve, I was in a very bad way and I know my family have told me I looked terrible, my body swelled up and I was very yellow. I was in an induced coma for 57 days and icu for 3 months in total. I'm 53. But I'm still here, back home and getting stronger each day.

Your brother will be getting the best care he can, Keep talking to him, about anything and everything even if he doesn't appear to respond. He will take comfort from hearing your voice. My blood pressure always went down apparently when my family visited and talked to me.

I send you my best wishes and every hope that your brother makes a good recovery.


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Thank you so much Celia..your words are a great comfort x

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Thank you so much Bill..feel a bit better knowing people do come through this..u are so good to reply. .T

There is always hope, God works in ways we will never understand. I am sorry you are going through this. I pray his body starts to work for him, be prepared , but keep talking to him and giving him a reason to fight. God bless

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Thanks for the encouraging message trixter..means a lot..people have been so kind on this site..nice to know the world still has love in it xx

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