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Broken spine; broken ribs... encouragement


I am new on this thread... My son is a tree surgeon. Eight days ago, he fell off a crane. The fall was six meters down, landing on his back, where he broke three vertabrae of his spine, and almost all of his ribs. After 'successful' surgery on his spine, he's been in an induced coma these last eight days,

Today, before the doctors tried to wake him; they performed a tracheostomy, as he was fighting against all the tubes inside his mouth.

Hopefully tomorrow they will be able to come with a diagnosis. Needless to say, our entire family is devastated and praying for the best. We all realize it will be a long haul, but my son is physically strong. He is a survivor, also with a wonderful wife & four loving children to give him the strength to recover.

Anyone with inspirational stories to give us courage?

Sincerely, Linda

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Hi Linda

I hope your son makes a full recovery. Many of us on this forum have defied the odds and we are proof that medical miracles do occur.

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Thanks so much Sepsur for your encouraging words... yes; my son has such inner strength, that I know he can defy any odds.

Oh Linda - 8 days probably feels like a year by now right? My mum is also on day 8 in ICU and has a trachy due to her not tolerating the procedure of taking tubes out etc.

There are many inspirational stories on this site and some truly lovely people to support and encourage you .

Keep saying really positive things out loud - . trust that the doctors are doing all they can and that the universe gives us what we need .

When I sit stroking my mums hands today I will think of you and all the others doing the same to their loved ones.

Huge cyber hugs


Hi Linda sorry to hear about your son. But it is early days which isn't easy for you to hear I know because my mum hasn't let me forget putting her through a lot of stress. I was in a coma for almost a month after an internal bleed and throwing blood up. I was induced and also had a trachy. Tried waking me up numerous times obviously I did eventually. It certainly wasn't the entire of the road for me after I did wake up dreams because of the drugs, building muscles back up as our bodies eat it to survive, extreme tiredness for a while months after. My case didn't end there though I had been diagnosed with liver failure (not due to the coma) anyway I had a transplant a year ago and my coma was almost 4 years ago. I just letting you know all this because I was seriously poorly before going in a coma and I survived so with your son being well and doing such an active job I am positive he will be fine and fight back to full health in a look less time x make sure your resting and looking after yourself as well he will need your support more when he fully wakes up 😀

Thank you so much Jojokarak for your encouraging letter. Not being there yet with him is probably the most difficult. (I've ordered a ticket for this week, as I'm in Denmark & he's on the other side of the world.)

I believe it's 'the unknown,' which is so frightening. My lack of knowledge in the subject of intensive care, which I'm now doing everything to learn about.

Also the physical and mental strength it will take to cope in the months ahead. To learn the patience it will take to encourage him from day to day, without breaking down myself. I'm now 70, and can feel my strength is not at all what it used to be. He doesn't have any feeling in his legs, and the doctors still haven't been able to scan him for any internal damage, as long as he's been under the induced coma.

Trying to get my own strength together for him, as he will need a mom who can just be there with all the love & compassion I can give to support him through it all.

All the best and thanks again for your kind words.


Hopefully by the time you reach his bedside he will be awake x. But don't be disheartened if he isn't they are very powerful drugs what keep us in a coma. Can I ask what hospital he is in? Once you get over make sure you ask the ICU staff if they have a support group locally for ICU patients and families my local one did and it was a great support for my family especially on informing them of after effects and when to expect but we are all different and we all recover at different speeds . I hope you get to see him soon here if you need anything x

hi Jojokarak

thanks again for your encouragement. My son is at Rambam Hospital in Haifa Israel. He's receiving wonderful care by some of the best doctors in israel. Next sunday he'll be moved to a Brilliant rehab center in tel aviv, the same day i'll be arriving. The family says he's awake now with both eyes open & seems to understand what's being said. He's somehow signed and has asked for music! How wonderful... now i know he's going to make it.

Cheers from Copenhagen, Linda

Wonderful news Linda x


Hi Linda, I hope you hear good news soon. A short version of my own story is on the ICUsteps website. Everyone's experience is different, but there are many common aspects we share. There are also other experiences from patients and relatives on the HealthTalk website

Our thoughts and hopes are with you.


Thanks so much Peter. My son is being moved today to a rehab center; he still can't move his legs, so praying for the best. Trying to read up on the aspects of everything.

All the best, Linda

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