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catch influenza A after triple bypass surgery

my husband is 43 yrs old he had  triple bypass surgery last december 2015 and after 2 month's he got influenza A  he admit in ICU in his 1st week Doctor said he's successful drain the fluid in his lungs originally he's on peritoneal dialysis but when it happened that he had fluid in his lungs they switch to used the CRRT machine after 7 days they transfer to peritoneal dialysis after 3 days they came back to CRRT again and they the fluid in his lungs is back and getting worse, after that they drain the fluid in his left lungs (put hole) the next day they put temporary pacemaker because his heart become weak and the next morning they change the intubation my question is do you think he can survive in that situation? it's really really sad when your love one is in this situation:(

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He is young which is on his side. I myself was sedated and ventilated for a month and pulled through at the age of 51 so yes he can survive this as pulling off miracles is their job in ICU and their pretty good at it.😊

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Thank you dall05 but the Doctor talk to us and told us the function of his heart is 30% only :( doctor said they cannot do revival if his heart stop because it is not working for him because his sternum is not heal inside.


It really sad my husband passed away....:( his heart become weak only 30% function:( 


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