Multiple organ failure

Hi! Wondering if anyone can help. My brother has been in ICU for about 2 weeks. He is 50 yrs old. Went in with bad pneumonia and his body went into shock. He is on ventilator and has multiple organ failure. He has not been awake the whole time just brief moments that he open his eyes. The doctors are not very informative and give no positive feedback for coming out of it. I think he has made some progress but i am second guessing and wondering if he will make it. I am very scared... Can anyone relate? Thanks!!!

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Hi Ger,

Just over 5 years ago when I was 51 I ended up in ICU with double pneumonia. I was sedated and ventilated for nearly a month. I also went into shock (ARDS) and had multi organ failure caused by the build up of carbon dioxide in my blood.

I was connected to kidney dialysis and a machine called the Nova Lung which kept my blood clear and helped my organs until my body was ready to cope on its own.

I lost 3 1/2 stone in that month and it was a close call that I pulled through but I did so that shows it is possible to get through this.

It took another 3 months before I left hospital and returned home, your brother is in the best place and I'm sure they are doing everything possible for him.

If he has made progress then that is a good sign :) .



My husband was in ICU with multiple organ failure after suffering complications of major surgery. He was sedated for quite a few weeks and it was quite scary seeing and hearing all the machines that were keeping him alive. My family and I were well supported by the ICU staff and they would always find ten minutes to talk to us about my husband's condition if we asked although it might not have been immediately as they are obviously always very busy. However we did get in touch with ICU Steps, an organisation that supports patients and families throughout their hospital stay and afterwards. You can find details of ICU Steps here and see if you have an established group in your area . Our local group was fantastic support and the clinical staff that attended were able to help with any questions we had. I wish your brother a good recovery. It will take time but I'm sure with the love and support of his family, he will do very well.


I was 52 years old induced coma 12 days 32 days in ICU similar experience it seems with MOF on an Oscillator for 10 days etc. My wife was told at least twice I was not going to see the night out. But I lost 3 stone and was 5.5 months before I was back in any sort of work. It is important to all of you to be kept informed ask for a time to talk through the process if they are to busy to talk to you at the bedside.

Be Well


I also had pneumonia,sepsis, bacterial infection tha got into my blood stream. I was in ICU for 2 weeks,because of the vent I was sent to a hospital in Asheville,nc. that was in feb and this is may and im back home! my family was called in and they told them I had as

good chance of living as I did dying.Never give up on someone because if it hadn't been for the prayers of all my friends and family I wouldn't have made it.


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