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My Dad had stroke and multiple organ failure


My dad had a serious stroke and suffered quite bit brain damage he also had multiple organ failure.

He is now off sedation but still critical. He has amazed me how far he come in two weeks but can anyone share their stories of recovery please. Im bit worried and scared of what to expect. I know he will not be 100 percent again and he says random strange things but will he ever get his memory back? And lead normal life again? I have so many questions

Thank you

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Hi Cathix

I had multiple organ failure but no stroke. I would imagine that there would be specialists in stroke rehabilitation who could answer your questions better than we can. However with regards to recovery no matter what happens it will be a long slow road You would be wise to think in years rather than weeks or months. The human body has amazing powers to heal its self and your Dad will be doing all he can to get back to where is was before. The strange things he says could well be the effect of the medication he has been on wearing off. Even though you are conscious it takes some weeks before you can fully understand the world around you again. Be patient with him. He will probably be aware that you are concerned for him. I was aware of my family and was very worried about them even though I was the one who was sick, but I couldn't communicate that to them clearly and ended up saying some very strange things to them. I have now been out of the ICU for eighteen months I am not fully well yet but every day I get a little better. I am hoping that in five years I will be fully recovered. No matter what happens I am very grateful for every extra day I have had on this earth I'm sure your Dad will be the same.

Best wishes Garry


I echo what Garry has said. I was in ICU in September 2011 and was in hospital for 3 months. I kept saying strange things for quite a while and my memory suffered. I am now tons better but still have some lapses of memory. I am not sure what problem's your father would have from having a stroke but be sure your support will be invaluable even when he seems to be getting better. The psychological problems may last a while.

As Gerry said you need specialist stroke advice but there is always someone here to listen to your problems and hopefully give some helpful advice.

good luck to you both



Thank you very much for both comments. x


Hi cathx,

As a former patient, I believe that we have the easier side of the deal in some respects compared to what our relatives go through. I had a brain haemorrhage as one of my injuries and my family had some similar worries to those you have.

As the others have rightly said, there can be effects after we come out of sedation. The psychological issues can last for some time after discharge and even when we seem to be lucid, our memory may be very patchy.

As well as the common after-effects of critical illness which we've touched on, there are the specific issues related to our injuries themselves. I hope you can take some solace in knowing that things can change and though recovery can be frustratingly slow at times, there is hope of improvement.

Our thoughts are with you.



He so young me and my siblings so young and it all just so confusing what is going on and scary. This time last week we were. Praying for him to survive now he has fought that battle were hoping and praying he does get better mentally and physically. Thank you for sharing your comments it nice to know others have gone through what he is going through xx


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