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Can people survive after multiple organ failure?

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Can people survive after multiple organ failure? My son is now in CCU with this after acute pancreatitis. his kidney and liver are not working.

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In short, yes. My kidneys, lungs & heart failed as I experienced septic shock & severe ARDS.

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Zhanna1963 in reply to Sepsur

Thank you for your answer! How old you were and how long did you stay in CCU& My son is already 4 days there and I don't see any improvements

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I was fit & 52. I remained in ICU for 90 days, 57 days in a coma. The younger & fitter the patient - the more rapid the repair. Is your son in an induced coma & intubated ?

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He is 25 yo, he is sedated, intubated and on CRRT. Kidney, liver not working

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I was on dialysis for 7weeks. I was on life support for 11weeks. I was intubated for 7weeks & then had a Trachy fitted. It took me over a week to wake from coma

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How you are doing now?

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That is more complex - I was very active family person - 2 days before ICU - I was skiing with them. I had avian flu, double pneumonia - which rapidly became sepsis etc etc.

When I woke from coma, I was told I had a leukaemia of the immune system. This minute, I have embarked on a trial at The Christie.

If it weren’t for Covid 19, at present I would be leading a normal life. I am fit & well despite what I have described.

My partner did. Complete organ failure. How I don’t know but the staff in ICU do their utmost and work so hard. Sean now has to take beta blockers for his heart. Suffers post sepsis syndrome but he survived. I know many people have. Prayers and healing went for your son at this worrying time. The staff as I said are simply the best. X

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Thank you so much!

Yes, I did, four years ago. I'm 72 now. Good luck to your son!

Thank you! God Bless You!

Yes I survived it

My lungs and kidneys failed in December due to viral pneumonia. I’m 37, survived and am living a normal life. Best wishes for your son, just be there for him and advocate for him xx

Thank you!

It must be awful for you to see him like that but there is hope and he is young and will have plenty of reserves. This group is full of stories of people who have recovered from life threatening illnesses. The staff in ITUs are fantastic and they will do everything they can for your son xx

Yes my healthy, fit, non smoking, brothers lungs and kidneys failed due to sepsis from flu. He is now,2 years on, well. Remain hopeful is the best advice we were given. He took a month to start to come round from an induced coma. It’s very hard but keep talking to your son as normal. He may not be able to respond yet but it will reassure him to know you are there.

Yes! My husband had severe acute pancreatitis leading to septic shock, everything bar his brain shut down... its a long road, and one we’re still on, but all of his organs are back online.

ICU are amazing. Keep strong ❤️

How long did he stay in ICU and when start positive change in his condition?

It is exactly same illness my son has!

ICU was around 9 weeks, he’s was stepped down to HDU after that x

I did I was in ICU and HDU in September 2014 and now enjoying life very much - working, holidays and being around family and friends. The ICU and HDU hospital staff are so wonderful and unique.

Yes ,Zhanna1963. I was 12 days in induced coma, my family were told 50/50 &that I may not be the sister that they once had, all my organs were failing, I remained a further 10 weeks in hospital, I came out of it all totally unscathed, & I have never looked back, my humble advice to you Zhanna1963 , try to remain positive as sometimes things turn out so much better than what you think they will, It all happened to me 1 year ago,& one doctor said to me 'you are a walking miracle" but please look after your own health Zhanna1963 as believe me Miracles do happen..You & your son are in my thoughts & prayers..With love & may God. bless you both always...xx

Thank you so much! He is everything I have!

Try hard not too worry too much Zhanna1963, your lovely son has age on his part which is a massive bonus & he is in the best place receiving 1st class treatment, keep looking on the bright side& keep your spirits up, as I said Zhanna1963, I myself am living proof that Miricles Do Happen... With much love, & may God be with you both...xxxx

Thank you! God Bless You!

I did, i had multiple organ failure and 18 months on I am rebuilding my life. Docs gave me 20% survival. Now same odds as any normal person. My liver failed my kidneys stopped completely, my lungs on support and had sepsis. 1 month was out in a wheelchair, 1 year no stick, 16 months back to work. 🙏🏻

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thoughts and prayers for your turnaround and breakthrough x

God Bless You!

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