Coma and multiple organ failure due to lungs issues. Please help!

Hi I'm new here my father-in-law was taken to ER couple of weeks ago with some lungs issues. They cleaned his lungs, and he had to be on an oxygen mask 24/7. They were going to release him on Friday, but yesterday he went into the coma. His organs are failing, he can't urinate, they were trying to induce urination with meds , but so far no luck. My husband is devastated, and so am I. I was wondering if anyone can offer some words of encouragement, and maybe share their story, so we can understand what's happening a little bit better. Thank you in advance .

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  • I hope your father-in-law improves soon, I went into multiple organ failure and septic shock after contracting flu and double pneumonia- they were unsure of the initial infection and were looking for legionnaires, I was put into a medically induced coma and eventually overcame this through numerous doses of different antibiotic, I was on dialysis for 7wks and had every conceivable life support system. I was then struck down with severe ARDS. 3 months later, I left ICU. Spent another month in hospital- 18 months later - I am pretty much back to normal

  • This is so much like my case I was taken in with suspected mumps ards and it turned out I had sepsis swine flu double phumonia collapsed lung aswell very ill in quarantine in ccu in coma I was close to giving up but I pulled thru purée foods n pipes every where I hope you made full recovery with no side effects

  • Hello, sorry to her about your father in law, if he can't urinate, what about Foley catheter or suggest dialysis. Keep the faith and continue to pray for him.

  • Thank you for your replies . My Father-in-Law passed away later that night. Please pray for him as he was a wonderful person. Me and my husband are heartbroken, it's so hard for us to accept it.

  • I'm so sorry to hear your sad news.Big hugs xxx

  • Thank you so much, I really appreciate your post. I feel so lost. We are very family oriented, and we hurt so much. It breaks my heart to see my husband in that state, and I am not doing so well myself.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you xox

  • Thank you so much for your kindness, it's so hard to see my husband feel lost like a little child, and I'm not doing so well either. Tough times

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