Sleepless nights PTSD and OCD

Hi I know there are many of you that suffer from sleepless nights due to your illness. I run a support group and hear many ex patients experiences every day and we have decided to hold a meeting in Birmingham 4th May 2013 at ETC Venues 1-4pm.

Rest assured you will be greeted with the utmost respect and fully understand it will be a big step for you to meet others that are suffering like yourself.

A relaxed atmosphere is paramount and we will be giving a presentation to try to help you understand a little more about yourself and the problems you are experiencing. Please do let me know if you would like to attend with your partner also.

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  • Wish it was closer to south Wales am too ill to travel and could do with meeting some others with my experiences. Hope it goes well doe you x

  • I'm in the same boat Amy. I can travel but I live in New South Wales Australia. I seem to be on my own here and it took a lot to find this website. There does not seem to be the equivilant in Australia. But I can Skype. my adress is garry.meister you are about nine hours behind us. I happy to talk if you can raise me. When you cant sleep I will be awake and vice versa. Sleeping is an ongoing issue which after 18 months seems to be getting worse

  • Hi Amy...thank you. We will try and make arrangements to visit you asap.

  • I left hospital only two months ago and I am struggling now, it's mad how long these things can effect you isnt it. I have sent an email with my email address to you so if you ever need to chat until I get Skype feel free to contact me. This is the great thing about this site is that we all support each other. X

  • A year has passed since leaving Intensive care. I find that I still am not sleeping at night.

    Has anyone found a solution as talking about the problem does not seem to help me.

  • Hi Lacemaker listening to many others over the years I truly think it is a personal journey. Depending on support and what you are able to add to your life..little changes, goals etc;...are you taking sleeping tablets ?

  • Sleeping Tablets, what sleeping tablets. My doctor has a no sleeping tablet policy, they say that they are too addictive. This does not help me.

  • have you tried Nytol brand ?

  • I have tried all brands off the shelf & the internet but nothing works

  • Sorry to hear that. I expect so much is going on in your mind that the answer would be to get that solved...has your GP helped with suggesting a counselor?

  • My GP suggested back in November that I should visit the local Health-in-Mind drop in centre where I was evaluated. It was agreed that I should undertake a course of CBT, (Cognitive behavioural therapy). After a wait of 6 months I had my first session yesterday, Wednesday. This was basically a meet & greet session. Time will tell if these sessions make a difference.

  • Sounds a good move though.....well done hopefully things will slowly be improving. All the best.

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