Update on Extractions

I went to the oral surgeon yesterday and had two teeth pulled. I was scared because i wasnt able to be put out due to my heart. I just had novacaine and i didnt feel a thing just pressure. The dr was fantastic. He used a collagen gel foam he stitched in there so i wouldnt bleed. I had no problems just soreness afterwards. However, i started today taking Amicar for bleeding and developed a horrible headache. My hematologist wasnt in so i didnt take the next dose. I hope im doing the right thing but ive had this headache twelve hours already so i will speak to him tomorrow. Im on aspirin for the hughes which i took. The amicar is only for ten days, but the headache scares me

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  • Hi glad everything went well. I wouldn't take Amicar until you have spoken to a Doctor and I would do it as soon as possible.Did you have a headache before you took it ? And are you bleeding now?

  • Hi Daisy. Thank you for your reply. I didnt take it again, i figured i would call him this morning. Im not bleeding, thank God. It was weird though because im only using the amicar as a rinse but a half hour after the first dose i developed a whopper of a headache. My blood tests come back as too many small platelets with low von willebrand factor VIII. I have to go wednesday for a coagulation study.

  • Glad you are ok , good luck for wednesday

  • Sorry I'm a bit late,I've just joined. I too have to have a Dental extraction, I'm taking Aspirin 300mg daily, not exactly looking forward to it.

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