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The Fog

The Fog

The fog rolls in,

but others can not see,

It gets thick and heavy,

And it consumes only me.

I can't think clearly,

I have no concentration,

No matter what I'm doing,

It just leads to frustration.

You look at my face,

It's just a mask you see,

Not more than a shell,

Of who I ought to be.

I make some mistakes,

They may seem subtle,

But I am embarrassed,

By the words I mix & muddle.

I look for directions,

Can't seem to navigate,

I don't know how to function,

When I'm in this state.

I seem to loose everything,

Not just my mind,

I forget so many things,

And search for all I can't find.

I'm so exhausted,

Something isn't right,

I'm afraid there's nothing

That'll help me win this fight.

I get so confused,

With the worst memory,

When will this fog lift,

And finally set me free?

By SassyOne

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I haven't been around here much. Im finding this pregnancy to be a little overwhelming with work, home life & a 2 year old. I have ha many of my APS symptoms flare up, my vision, headaches, brain fog etc. I'm hoping the fog stays clear of me for the next few weeks, I need my brain to work if I want to have any chance of staying in the office & out of the factory for a while. Fingers crossed.

Thought I would share an APS poem about my frustrations with this brain fog.


Beautiful and very well said.



Wonderful Sx


Good on you... I hope the sun comes out and lifts your fog. Mary F x


Well done, just showed it to my Husband. It's hard for others to understand sometimes

Thank you


very well written ;-) good luck with the new baby and the job! take care kathy i felt exhausted reading about your typical day xx


So very well done! You speak for so many hearts. Certainly mine. Thank you. Thank you very much. You should submit this to Kate from Hughes so she can post it at Patient Days. I think she's looking for art just like this.




Thank you very much for so artfully articulating what most of us feel.


Hi Sassy, What a great poem you have summed it up so aptly that i have written it out to send to my consultant. :)


Damn it made me cry as i was writting it out :( You have so aptly put my feelings & many others into that poem it needs to be published, you have put your heart & sole into that.

Bless you X P.s Tears gone :) :) :)


Hi Sassy,

You should write poems! I mean it. My language is Swedish but I have Hughes and Everything was clear. So Beautiful written.

I hope someone among you can send this poem to Kate or to prof Hughes himself!

Thank you from me Sassy. Best wishes with your baby! Kerstin


Oh wow! Thanks fellow Hughies I haven't written poetry in years. I didn't expect that it would not just be understood but it would actually be useful. So many features of APS are so hard to describe to someone who has never experienced it. I get so embarrassed when I am in the fog because I'm not myself & I know it. It affects my job, family & my life. I've never had it so frequently, thankfully it's temporary.

I'm not sure how to get it to Kate but PM me. I would be happy to share it for patient's day or to help at your consultations.

Next I should write about how the Dr's that think we're crazy are ironically are driving us mad lol.

Thanks again!


Exactly how i feel.... People lift their brows and u can see that they do not understand whats ailing me... My joints snd limbs feel like they are broken. The pain tablets do not work.. What do i do to make life worth while... Nothing so i just carry on with my painred


IDEM, Exacltly How I feel . Almost crying, I am not alone in this fight against the world. Beautiful poem!!!


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