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Weather effects ? low pressure

Hi as I only seem to have a few brain cells left today even though my INR is in range.

Please could someone look and see if their is a connection with the weather, moon and ill health.

I think its all to do with atmospheric pressure why I have been not so good either that or the effects of the moon. or both

Rhumatoid arthritus a lot of people say is effected by the weather.

Proffessor Hughes said at the forum that air flight can effect some Hughes patients I know it effected me anyway good news ok to fly if anticoagulated I can't remember exactly how but some thing to do with the pressure on landing

Thanks can't sleep Karen xx

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Hi Karen

I too am convinced that air pressure outside affects my APS. Not proven, but it would make sense. Have not found any literature on it.



Hi Karen. What did Prof Hughes say about how air flight affects Hughes patients? As you can tell from my forum name I do a lot of travelling so this is highly relevant for me. Cheers.


PS I also think that there is a potential link with temperature as well as air pressure. It makes sense that when it is colder your blood gets sludgier but does this mean that you are at greater risk of clots in colder environments? Anyone read anything on this?


Hi Travel nut and Ann.

I am sure one day they will connect it. Then we will know to stay in bed all day or at least not venture outside!

Sorry can't remember exactly what was said at the meeting but something to do with the landing pressure.He had spoken to a pilot, Someone else will know though, he said as long as someone is on anticoagulants they would be the same as any other person.

I was luckly enough to speak to him afterward, yes he said it is ok, some people have a clexane injection as well, previously I had asked on my appointment at St Thomas' Same answer but am scared to fly since I absolutly know it effects me, I now feel really ok about flying, which is really good as my Husband loves it.

I think flying started off my Hughes syndrome again after it got better following the problems when pregnant.

On return from Holidays I have forgotton if I put my middle name on my time sheet at work and noticed that I couldn't remember somethings My brain is like a jigsaw with pieces missing.

I also have damage to my bones I think also caused by small clots.from flying.

Away sorry I couldnt remember all

Love Karen xx



Hi travelnut,

this has been debated a number of times and so far no firm conclusions have come up on any of the forums, may be worth suggesting a poll and i can put it up in the next months batch



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