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Causing Chaos in Costa

It's nearly Christmas and I wanted to send everyone Seasons Greetings.

My baby (5 year old Caitlin) is very excited about being Mary in the Nativity on Christmas Eve and is rehearsing with her doll, the weirdly named Babefred, who is taking the roll of Jesus.

And I am delighted that I am still able to embarrass my teenage son. I consider it my duty as a good mother to embarass my children in public at least once a year but my health has made it very difficult this year and time was running out. Matt is a 6ft 2in skinny EMO with poker straight jet black hair that reaches to his elbows, he has lip piercings and dresses. I embarassed him and didn't even know it at the time.

I have started having "vacant episodes" apparantly, I don't know, all I know is that for no apparant reason someone is shouting in my face and shaking my shoulders. Well yesterday in the q in Costa I zoned out on a mince pie for 2 minutes and held up the q. Only coming back when my walking frame was pulled away and Matt shook my face. All I knew was he was really embarassed, said, don't cause a scene just sit down. So I sat down and the coffee was brought over. He told me what had happened but I didn't get a mince pie!

I know, I will go to the GP in the New Year, hubby & son are keeping a record, but I CAN'T get stressed about something I don't know about and I CAN laugh my handknitted socks off about making my EMO blush

Love to you all, hope you are comfortable and peaceful this Yule and that your INR behaves

SharontheSheep xxx

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Happy Christmas MaryF x


Oh dear hunny :(

But yep I still try to embarass mine when I can!!

It must be a 'costa' thing!.....I meet my family & friends in ours every week I had gone in there & they asked me what I wanted & I looked at them with a very blank look & went quiet!!!...........I'd forgotten what I drank!..........well luckily they are used to me now & one of them came to us & said 'she has an Americano, medium with cream'!!!

So yep I'm sure we all do similar things :)

Still make that appointment tho' xx

Keep on knitting & I'll keep on 'snapping', have a good Xmas xx



I have done that in the past, once when out shopping buying a card. couldn't remember if I had paid for it.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy and now have medication which stops the fits

Which were only vacant spells.

Love Karen xx


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