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Merry Christmas to all

I might be in the minority but I LOVE Christmas,and so glad after a quick trip to A and E that I am at home. Yet another chest infection and a bit of fluid on the lung.

I have just iced 4 Christmas cakes and made a batch of yummy Mince Pies. Though I have realised this may be the last year I do this my eyesight is getting so bad can't really see what I am doing but what the heck tastes yummy.

The house smells all christmasy as have been doing stuff with cloves and nutmeg and other spices. Presents wrapped, I would like to say under the tree but having an 8 month old kitten wasn't an option this year! Dingo is the naughtiest kitten I have ever had, hge's opened his present already!

Started some new meds, Sulfasalazine, that thankfully I am tolerating well, and I am hopefull they will get some pain under control and I can walk a little more. Crutches are a pain in the A**

I know Christmas can be a difficult for some, so heres hoping that all have a good a Christmas as they can, stay positive, and enjoy.

As for New Year resolutions, mine is the same as last year, every month do something fun and enjoy. There is always something, for example I have discovered coach travel, door to door and places I couldn't normally get to, I might be the youngest by a fair few years but no worries.

All the best to everyone for 2013

Love and hugs



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Hi Jude! Many Happy Returns! HO-HO-HO! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!I love everything about it. Old movies, Christmas carols from the 1940's, fireplaces roaring too hot, warm brandy, silly Christmas gifts, warm chestnuts in your pocket and just generally people get nicer around Christmas. For just one day they live how we should live every day of the year. I appreciate it. Heck I completely indulge in it! I hope you and all my fellow Aps patients on this site, have a wonderful holiday with those you love and whom love you. Especially, Kate from Hughes, Mary, Apsnot, JessieLou Paddy and all the people whom have helped and taught me on this site. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday.

Smiles, prayers, hugs and a hearty ho-ho-ho to all,



I think indulge is very apt, and I do intend to indulge........I


I love Christmas too, fairy lights, tinsel, presses under the tree, I just need snow to make it perfect.

I have over done it this year, running a new online business from home, I thought it would be easy, but no. I am beyond tired, balance issues, memory gone, in pain all over, concentration gone. I hit the supermarket for a little shop with hubby but in seconds I could ave cried I felt overwhelmed.

Anyway I will stop moaning.

Happy Christmas to everybody :)


I know what you mean about the supermarket - we could not even find anywhere to park!! It amazes me as the shops are only closed for 1 day!!!! I mean are we really going to starve?????

Anyway got round and everyone was very helpful with a good spirit so that was we just have to eat it all....yum!! xxx :-)


Merry Christmas to Everyone on APS.....

For some it is the best time of year, for some it is a difficult time of year, but there are certain things which we can all agree. How grateful to have this super APS site! That we all want Peace on Earth!

May next year be better for each of us and for our planet.

Goodwill to All.....




Merry Christmas to all!


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