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A light in the tunnel

Hello everyone,

I have had my local doctors visit today, that went for an hour...great doctor and ready to listen. I don't think he fully understands Hughes syndrome but knew it as the old lupas anticoagulant.

He has referred me to a heamotogist speacilist in our capital city Perth, western Australia

Apparently Dr Steven Ward is very good and will be able to much sure i am on the right track for assessment and review asprin or go on to Warfrin.

I am very pleased he sees the need for me to see someone asap.

I asked him about my recent three days of dizziness and foggie brain, uncordinated and just off, he admitted he didn't know why i would be feeling like this but I am really sure after reading all the transcripts here and information that I'm having a rough few days and until I get the right measure for my blood it will be like this to sort it out properly.

I read some where about flairs that we sometimes have.

Thank you for this opportunity to express my fears and my needs and here.

Karen ☺

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Result! I think it is important for those GPs who don't understand Hughes, or any other of the countless rare conditions (is that a contradiction?), to recognise that the best thing for a patient is a referal.


Hi tim

I agree very much with what you have said. My next hope is this speaclist understands Hughes.

I feel a little bit of relief that im starting to move in the right direction.

One other question.....yes another 😒

I have been experiencing quite a lot of pain, like tightness behind my right knee for a while now. I actually forgot (surprise !!! ) to mention it again to my doc today.

I know joint pain can be associated with Huges but this feels more muscel not bone. Any clues ?




Karen. I am not qualified to answer beyond saying yes, some of us have pain (all over) but that you should check with your doctor as it might be anything.

Best of Luck

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Well done with your progress so far, let us know how the next stage goes. MaryF

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Thank you mary, will do


Hi Karen.

Good luck and keep us informed.

Best wishes.


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Thank you Dave, speaclist booked fr 29th September.

Will keep you guys informed.


That's good then, a quick appointment. :)


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