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I was diagnosed with APS about 15 years ago and have been on warfarin ever since due to a couple of PEs. From the blogs that I have been

reading my symptoms are not unusual, body aches & pains, memory & concentration problems, fatigue. unfortunately I have not been able to find a Dr. that believes me, I have been told that it is from stress, that I am a liar/faker, & just recently my primary care Dr. pretty much said that I am a drug seeker. don't get me wrong, I do have good days, but some of the bad days are really bad. I have been able to maintain my INR & would really like to find a Dr. that is familiar with APS, does anyone know of a good Dr. in or around Denver, Colorado? I work full time and the fatigue & concentration problems make it difficult to get my work done. I have tried a few mess in the past, plaquinel, topomax, gabapentin, norflex, cymbalta none of them made much of a difference.

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Dr Kathy Hassell at University of Colorado.


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