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Why would something like lyrica be prescribed rather than plaquenil?

What's the difference in what they do? I've seen lots of talk on here about plaquenil, not so much about gabapentin or lyrica. My GP prescribed me gabapentin, but it made me feel a lot worse, so he's now thinking lyrica. Seeing prof k this afternoon so will be having this discussion with him, but would like to get it straight in my head as to whether they're good for different things, or is it just that different ones work better for different people.

My most bothersome symptoms are: chronic fatigue (though I sleep badly so that makes things worse), muscle and joint pain (I've been diagnosed with fibro), cognitive/memory problems (will be talking with Prof K as to whether clopidogrel is enough for me).



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If I've understood you correctly Susie, you "sleep badly" and you seem to have highlighted it as something that you suffered from prior to all the other unfortunate symptoms you mention. You have my sympathy.

You might consider looking into Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). You could ask your GP or 'Prof K' to refer you to a Sleep Disorders Clinic. I used to fall asleep whenever I was passively listening to or watching something I wasn't actively involved in. TV, somebody talking, being a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone else and many other sometimes quite embarrassing situations. The sleep clinic totally changed my life. It may be an avenue for you to explore. Can't hurt, can it?

Take a look at the links below and see if the symptoms fit you. If they do, take action!


I can see why the GP may have prescribed Gaba rather than Plaquenil and because the older version has not worked is now moving to the newer one Lyrica (Pregabalin). I think she is thinking more along the Fibromyalgia lines which is possibly not appropriate with our condition. Plaquenil seems to work better with Fatigue and pain with a lot of conditions and is becoming the drug of choice. Its possible that your GP is not aware of this. Hopefully by the time you read this you will have seen Prof and he has sorted you out.

Let us know the outcome. x


Thank you both :)

Prof K was lovely. He reassured me that it's not normal to have such bad memory problems and has arranged for an MRI of my brain to see if I have small lesions. This will happen in the next couple of weeks. I'm then going to see him again at the end of May. He didn't want to try any other meds until after that, as I might need to change from clopidogrel if the MRI does show lesions and as I'm so sensitive to meds, it doesn't seem a good idea doing to much swapping of things at once. Only had 8 tubes of blood taken this time ;) it's weird though to have a doctor take me seriously at long last...


Good for you, Im glad you have a plan as that at least is half the battle. :-)

What date are you going back at the end of May as Im going to see him then too?


24th. My sister's seeing him on 17th as well. I think he finds the family link interesting :)


I'm going on 17th. We should try to coordinate our appts so we could all meet up and have a party :-).

Know what you mean about 'only' 8 tubes of blood - 13 for me last time!


So pleased you had a good appointment although I don't think there could be such a thing as a bad appointment with MK.

Your symptoms are so like mine, I am pleased that he is sending you for MRI as then you will know what you are dealing with.

Shame your appointment is 24th as I am there next week 3rd.

Let us know how things go.


Thanks Sue :)


Thats a shame Im missing all of you!! Mines 31st


Typical, never mind maybe next time x


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