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Communication! Isn't it a good thing?

Well, my Duke orthopedist's office has answered my questions. Hooray! ! And so today

I was equipped with a list of what the orthopedist plans to inject me. Thus I was able to ask my allergist's opinion about whether my body is likely to play nice with these drugs . He does not think I will have an allergic reaction to anything in there.

Sounds promising. Of course, based on the way my joint will not comply with instructions from central command, I believe that my hip replacement time is very near. But

I will cheerfully try this steroid injection in case it buys me a little more time. I trust I have established a connection between the orthopedists and my allergist so when I am scheduled for that surgery we can more easily figure out which pharmaceuticals

I can and can not tolerate.

And when I ask for lists of probable meds and specially compounded formulations I will have my questions respectfully answered in a reasonable length of time? (I hope!)

Listen felow Hughies! APLS sucks! But so does multiple drug allergies! (Except, with the drug allergies one is even more likely to encounter docs who think one is a neurotic!) (And when you add the multiple drug allergies onto the APLS, well. . . )


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Hi Gina - Just something else to consider when you have a steroid injection. Steroids are steroids and your adrenals will still have to take the effects on board. I think in most situations these injections do what they are supposed to do with very little or no affect on your adrenals but as I have found out these past weeks they cannot entirely be ignored if the adrenals are throwing a wobbly. Hopefully yours are playing ball in which case as you say this injection will buy you some time. I thought I would just mention this however.

Good Luck and keep us informed of your progress. xx


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