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Just pregnant. Is it ok to wait with clexane injections after ultra sound with heart beat?

Hi there

After 2 miscarriages last year I was diagnosed with APS this january. I had a positive pregnancy test last week, hurray and scared, and started aspirin straight away. I saw a gyneacologist yesterday, but they follow a protocol that they don' t start clexane intill a hart beat is seen on the ultrasound. This is planned next week, when I am 6 weeks + 3 days. From the ultrasounds around the miscarriages last year, it became clear the growth stopped around 6 weeks.

Should i be worried I am only on aspirin these weeks? I read about a lot of women who seem to start straight away with both aspirin and clexane, but not in my country so it seems


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First of all congratulations and please try not to be too scared although I know thats going to be hard.

In answer to your question as I know you are anxious to have one, Ive found on the British Haematologists Guidelines that it says the following:

For Women with APS with recurrent pregnancy loss, antenatal administration of heparin combined with low dose aspirin is recommended throughout pregnancy. In general, treatment should begin as soon as pregnancy is confirmed.

here is the link from where this came so that you can take the whole guidelines with you if you need to and show them. Also I have read on here that some ladies have been referred to high risk pregnancy units and can get scanned more often. I think you need to talk with your Doctor and explain your fears regarding the timing or your previous loss so that they under stand your very natural anxiety.

Please do let us know how you are doing xx


I've never heard of a protocol for waiting for confirmation. Some start while TTC. I have a struggle with my Dr's about if I need to be treated or not because of some 'specialist'. This time around I will fight until I am back on heparin or ill switch doctors. Good luck momma. If your pregnant don't take chances like I did.


Thanks for your replies and the link to the guidelines... I've talked with gyneacologists of two different hospitals in amsterdam and they both followed this protocol of waiting until the ultrasound. The gyneacologist I am now with, an academic hospital, said clexane has an impact on the formation of the placenta and therefore could start a bit later. i ll take your guidelines with me next time and hope I can reschedule the appointment a bit earlier coming week. i could sense they were a bit annoyed me questioning their standard protocol.

I have to say I am now a bit more stressed after reading your answers. I just hope that the aspirin does its job untill I start with clexane


Oh dear we dont want to stress you more support you so hope we have not added to your worries! That certainly was not the intention :-( Im sure if you explain exactly WHY you are feeling so worried they wont feel cross with you and will understand. xx


I started heparin injections i believe at 12 weeks pregnant and kept going twice daily until six weeks post natal.

Congratulations, you must be thrilled! :)


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