getting stabbing pains at back right side of head, have had them for 3 days now on and off, some more severe than others,

but have it longer this time, was wondering if coldness has anything to do with it, as was in a cold area on sunday and it started that night? take painkillers and attach hot water bottle to back of head that seems to ease it.. any other suggestions?

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  • It could be a neuralgia brought on by the cold weather but my advice would always be if you are having symptoms that continue after a few days that are not normal for you then speak to your Doctor to check them out.

    Let us know how you are doing. X

  • Hi there, you know yourself and what is normal for you, more than any... if this does not go away, a quick trip to the GP might be in order. I have had migraines of late and similar pains... it turned out to be a virus... but still worth checking out if not settling down. Hope you feel better soon. Mary F x

  • Thanks guys, nearly gone today only had 1 bout of it, but if it continues I will check it out, funny thing been to doctor for yearly check up and all fine, few wks ago...but will keep an eye on it.. thanks again..

  • Make sure your not having a TIA I get stabbing pains in the right side of my head it normally means I am having a TIA

  • Ditto KarenOR's post for me -- if I get such a pain it means another TIA which means my INR is too low or I have been sitting or laying in a manner which constricts blood flow. I have become obsessive about my bed pillows -- they must be a certain softness, a certain height, or the next day I am apt to get such pains. I am so obsessive that unless the trip involves commercial travel I bring my pillows with me for overnight trips! My hematologist thinks I'm crazy, but . . . it works for me. If my pillow obsession is a placebo effect -- so be it!

  • hi Blondediver,

    I had that before I started Warfarin. It was a TIA or microclot. Are you taking Warfarin already?

    Take care


  • Hi,

    No I am not taking warfarin, TIA is like a mini stroke yea? I don't think its that, just a severe stab of a pain then it goes,,, hasn't fully gone yet still getting an odd one but very mild pain..

  • Hi,

    what i talk about, if you have APS of course, is a severe sudden pain at the back or at one side of the head. It takes perhaps 2 minutes or even less. For me it was microclots, some of us have it with this illness.


  • I also get this.... not told my GP though, didn't really think anything of it other than poss neuralgia. Sometimes it's a few times in a day and sometimes a couple of days. I tend to take more aspirin when it happens - also thought maybe it's connected with my migraines.

  • I don't have migranes... think its an neuralgia thing,,, if I go from heat to cold which I did if kicks in,,,, gone now but you do wonder why and how it happens... thanks everyone for feedback.....

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