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Does exercise affect your inr levels?

Hi everyone,

I was just curious if anyone here has experienced their inr ratios changing when they start/stop an exercise program. I have heard that exercise can metabolize the warfarin faster. It seems there are a lot of different answers when I search around the internet so I thought I would ask here to see what anyone here has experienced.

Thank you!

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I personally dont know as Im on heparin but Im sure somebody will be along soon to let you know. x


I have also heard that exercise can metabolize Warfarin more quickly but I haven't noticed changes in my INR that seem to be directly related to my activity level.


Thank you that is what I am hoping for. I can be inconsistent with my exercise (though I should be consistent!) so it would be much harder to manage if I had to take that into consideration. I am also hoping not to get my warfarin dose any higher. Thanks!


Hi hon,

I think consistency has to be the key, pacing and listening to your body is so important. Everything in moderation, I think we all metabolise meds at different rates anyway, sure many things we do affect this, including the naughty Aps antibodies. My warfarin dose gradually increasing, conversely Inr is still dropping :-( , can't win!

Hope you feeling ok today.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Short workouts, even if rather intense, do not seem to effect my INR. But doing a long session--such as taking a hike of 8 miles or more- does tend to thin my blood a bit.

Are you new to warfarin? Keep a medical journal and you will learn to spot what changes in routine or diet have what effects on your INR. We're all different. Be patient and persistent and you'll figure your own reactions to changes.


I hike a lot. After doing so, I need to reduce my Coumadin dosage or my INR sky rockets. It hurts to hike but the more I, the less it hurts and then I feel better over all.

Some of my hikes


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