How does exercise affect your hip pain?

It seems that most of us with APS have hip pain problems when our INR is not right. When it is right and you exercise, do you have any pain? I'm trying to figure out if I need to build up the muscles around my hip joints, or if it won't matter if my INR is low. I don't know if this question makes sense or not. I just want to know what others have experienced.

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  • I'm not on warfarin but fragmin and still get hip pain so it's nothing to do with INR for me. My hip pain is more to do with bursitis, referred pain from my back or trigger points from myofascial pain.

    I think it's all related to my APS however though because it's worse when I'm in a flare. When that happens having MFR does help a lot.

  • Hello I get bad hip pain and I'm on clexane. Doesn't matter if I exercise or not it just comes and goes and there's not much I can do about it. Pain killers help and you just have to rest 8

  • Hi

    I had a clot affecting my right hip, in 2006, even though I was on Warfarin with an INR of around 4.0. It suddenly came on and for several weeks I didn't realise what it was; my osteopath & physio couldn't work it out either. I eventually went to see one of Prof Hughes team at the London Lupus Centre and he requested that my GP referred me for an MRI scan; xrays had not found anything wrong.

    The scan showed that I had fluid in the bone marrow and in the joint itself and transient osteoporosis and transient necrosis (bone death). I saw an orthopaedic surgeon and he confirmed that the problem was ischemic and said that the clot had probably gone but that the symptoms would last for a feew months. He ordered another MRI a month later and the improvement was tremendous. I am now on Fragmin rather than Warfarin but that is another story and is because of TIAs.

    I have always been a keen cyclist and during my hip problems I couldn't walk very far due to terrible pain in the hip and leg but I could cycle and that helped with general drainage around the hip and strengthening of the muscles.

    Good luck & best wishes.


  • I too am living with hip pain of poorly determined origins. But I too have found cycling to be the best aerobic exercise. But do as my physical therapist, and cycling fan, suggests --don't worry about speed but keep your pedaling at around 70 revolutions per minute. As for strengthening exercises? The best for me, and the one least likely to cause pain later --bridging. Wherein you lay on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, then push your body up so there is a straight line from your head to your tail bone. You can find this and other variations on UTube.


  • I have found that using the cycling machines at the gym feel just fine: NO PAIN!

    I'm curious if anyone has figured out why so many of us with APS have intense, unexplained hip pain. Mine was so bad that I was being evaluated for a scooter before starting Warfarin, and I could barely walk across the room some days. After the Warfarin was started, my hip pain was the first symptom to improve.

  • My right hip is killing me lately too. I wonder if there is necrosis. It has been since about last October and seems to be getting worse not better.

    I have just relocated so all new docs I am getting established with so it will take a while to get this all sorted.

  • "I do believe in fairies, I do I do I do.". And I'm to Duke next week in search of an explanation for my hip pain. if a fairy flyies in with a diagnostic revelation I'll pass it on.


  • Just goes to show that this sight is briliant. Again, I had no idea that APS might cause hip problems. I have been suffering from hip pain, on both sides for about 18 months and its getting worse. I thought I was too fat and that the pain was associated with possibly a new hip in the future. I had no idea that the problem might be related to APS this did not occur to me at all. Thinking about it now I can see that there is a link maybe to APS for years I have had bad back, bottom half especially and I had put this down to being a secretary for 20 yrs it was possibly the way I had been sitting and being in the same position for hours on end ... maybe this has not helped but there are other factors too that have come to light that makes me look at my hip pain differently. I will ask my GP for advice although to be honest I don't think he know much about this condition we have as he seems to "brush" off some of my symtoms onto something else. Thanks again for the insight of APS ... we are all a family of APS?

  • I have bad hip pain and my vitamin d levels are low .. possible link?

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