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Bit of rant... sorry

Hi all

Sorry I have been away for so long, I've been visiting hospital, donating blood for research and generally trying to make the place more glamorous - you know how it is. I was in due to gastroenteritis but with the transplant and all the drugs I couldn't fight it off and i got so dehydrated that my kidney (Kevin) stopped working (or at least slowed down dramatically). I was put on fluids for a few days and released back into the real world but i am still having weekly blood tests to make sure Kevin and I are well again.

So here's my rant... my company are fantastic and supportive (although frustratingly beaurocratic and I had a few forms to fill in to say that i could come back) but why is it still acceptable for so many people to come into work with stinking cold, bugs and illnesses? I even once had a blazing row with my boss (at another company) for coming into the office with chicken pox!! i'm not expecting the whole company to change because i am imuno compromised but i cannot be the only one - what about prengant ladies and others who need to look after their wellbeing more than most?

Has anyone else got a company with a decent illness policy? Or have an effective solution to this problem. I have now got a setup a home so i can work from there (which can backfire and meant that i was still working when i was signed off) but I wish people wouldn't come in when they are so sick!

Rant over - sorry (I feel better now though!)

Hope you are all well and happy


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My husband came home on Monday and said that the woman opposite him has a foul streaming cold, which no doubt he will get too. I went berserk and was all for phoning her and telling her to stay at home (she can easily work from there) but as he can't stand her decided this may not be a good idea! But sadly I don't think there is an effective solution, especially in the current climate.

If I am anywhere near anyone who has a virus I move fast - don't care any more if I look rude.


I am on your side on this drove me mad when i was working but the truth of the matter is

1) companies do not care time is money!!

2) You don't go in you don't get paid

3) Unless you are dying you should be working

Is the unoffical motto of most organisations its not in this day an age about your people its about keeping your head above water and profits up.

sorry but thats it now as i got tole we are in a recession don't you know eveyone has to pull there weight.



Most companies sickness policies these days are to allow three absences or sickness periods in so many months, usually 12. If you go over that you can be disciplined, it go on your record and you could be sacked eventually.

Therefore if somebody has been off with something and then a month later gets a cold, they just cant afford to take the time off so they go in and spread it around.

I used to work in attendance management. We had to cut costs by reducing the spiralling sickness absence. The problem companies have is the balance between those that take the michael and those that are genuinely ill. Unfortunately as usual those sickies that people got used to taking have now spoilt it for everyone else.

From my perspective I 100% agree with you Tasch. It annoys me intensely when my family ask us to babysit when the kids are ill. Hello......immune compromised!! I think they finally got it last year when one of their "oh its only a cold" gave me three weeks in bed and them very guilty consciences!!!

I think I am going to buy one of those surgical masks, wear latex gloves and stick a sign round my neck that says "please sneeze in the opposite direction to me"!!


Hi tasch

good to hear from you again. Sorry ti hear things been rough.

My pet hate, other people coming to work poorly, visiting us with colds etc, parents sending poorly children to school. Both my youngest got asthma. So a cold knocks us all about.

Great place for a rant tasch.

Take care gentle hugs xxxxx sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi tasch I totally agree with you. I have a dreadful sore throat curtesy of a colleague who sat behind me 3 weeks ago with a throat infection constantly coughing. I can't take Lemsips like she did and I am already on disciplinary for my sick leave. I fully understand that a company can not support constant absentism but there must be some concession whereby people who are sooo germy are kept away

You take care of yourself,.




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