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Im due to be induced next wednesday, im just wondering how they go about inducing someone who has Hughes Syndrome. I have been told i have to stay on Fragmin and Aspirin until im in active labour, restarting both 6 to 8 hours after baby born and that they will keep me in from induction process to at least 8 hours after birth. Can anyone tell me how they induce someone with HS.

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  • Hi this isn't a answer to your question so sorry :-). I was just after some info as I to am pregnant and am on fragmin and aspirin im on 10000 once a day and just wondered what you was on. Are you getting induced early or are they letting you go full term. Sorry for questions just its nice to find someone going through same thing. Good luck xx

  • Hi moonbug, im also on 10,000 units but mine are split. i take 5,000 in the morning and then 12 hours later i take another 5,000. but thats because i was admitted into hospital at around 24 weeks with a suspected PE so they doubled my dose. im currently 36+6 weeks pregnant and i am due to be induced at 38 weeks. i asked my doctors about it cause i saw that a lot of people on here had been induced because of hughes syndrome and i was told by them that with induction its easier to control the birth. have a chat with your doctors and see what they are thinking birth wise for you. hope all this helps and good luck

  • I had a c-section with my third baby and was on 2 x 5000 units Fragmin a day. I had to stop (i believe) the day before and during the section i had both stockings and those fancy inflatable wellies (lovely image!) on to keep thongs moving. I recommenced fragmin post delivery and the ward staff had me up and moving around as quickly as possible afterwards. You must be very excited. Good luck and lots of love to you and yours. x

  • They used a pictocin (sp?) drip with my last bub. My waters broke on their own the evening before I was due to go in to be induced at 38 weeks but they gave me the pictocin anyway as they wanted bub out.

    It sounds like you have a good plan in place. Perhaps give your dr a ring and just check on the actual induction process you will have. better to go in knowing what is planned ...well for me it is, as I like to be prepared :-)

    All the best for a thoroughly uneventful birth ....apart from the happy ending.

    Re being induced versus going full term it depends on your medical team but it is common to be induced around 38 weeks so that they can control the anticoagulants ... that is when to stop before the birth. Also bub is considered full term at 38 weeks anyway so many feel that its better to have bub out rather than risk anything going wrong in the last few weeks when they are basically just gaining weight from 38 weeks on.

  • It was 23 years ago... but the plan was to stop the fragmin... and re start afterwards, which was fine, I then stayed on fragmin until a good 6 weeks afterwards when it was phased out. Wishing you the best of luck with your very exciting news. Mary F x

  • thank you for all your help and advice everyone, it is much appreciated. fingers crossed eveything goes to plan and were all ok.

  • Thinking of you! x

  • I had my babies 12 and 14 years ago, both induced around 38 weeks. I can't remember exact dosages, but I was on Fragmin once a day through both pregnancies, then came into hospital at least one day before induction started and was put onto a continuous dosage pump thing. This stayed attached throughout induction and birth and cannot remember whether the pump was turned off for the birth (a bit too busy to notice!). I started back onto once a day Fragmin the day after the births, and re-started the warfarin at the same time.


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