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Hi there as many of you know I suffered my blood clots after pregnancy and then diognosed with Hughes. I have seen my rheumatologist and he said that he doesn't advise further pregnancies but nobody can tell me what to do. I also saw a gynocologyst and she said no def not a good idea. My partner had a vasectomy because of this advice. I am seeing dr D'cruz Monday and something inside me is telling me he will allow me to have a baby with the right care. I feel like I have something missing in my life. Like a gap that needs filling. I can't explaine it. So what im getting at is. Has anybody else had major blood clots and then had a successful pregnancy?? It's been 5 years since my last blood clot.

Any advice would be greatly accepted. Xxx

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Hi there I don't know if you know but the lupus clinic where he is registered its a joint pregnancy clinic and there is a guy who manages the pregnancy unit called Dr M Khamasta he is wonderful and certainly knows the prospects around lupus, hughes and how its important to be in control during pregnancy. Im told the unit has a high level of successful pregnancy and he has always advised me that I can have a baby more to the point you can get an opinion when you go and im sure that when you go there what they tell you would be the right choice because they know exactly what they are talking about.

Good luck, Immensely

Danielle xx


Im sure that vasectomies are reversible,and our chance with the right care of having a successful pregnancy is 80% rather than 25% without treatment - i was successful xx


Aw wow congratulations that's brilliant news. I am finding it hard to accept that I may not ever have another baby and I've always said I would love a big family. Even if I can have just one more I'd be more then happy. Sorry to get personal but have you suffered blood clots previous to your pregnancy?

Danielle I didn't know that no. Thank you for letting me know I think I'm getting my hopes up but I'm also prepared for the bad news to. I just want Monday to hurry up xx


I've had two huge clots two separate occasions am I'm currently 13 weeks 4 days pregnant. I found a high risk pregnancy unit close to me and have had many correspondences with Dr. khamasta about what treatment etc whilst in the early stages.

Anything is possible if its what you want. Having our condition with history of clots just means we have to research more and be more carful during pregnancy. Know your body, what mess you should be on from the word go and have faith.

I wish you all the best. Only you know what is right for you.

MJ xx


Do you have a lot of various veins from the clots if you don't mind me asking? Congratulations I'm glad things are going well for you. There is hope for me yet :) I am convinced I can have one I just know it x


I am suffering for almost 6yrs now,. Had 3 miscarriages ,. Just don't loss hope,. We will survive and some we will have our own baby



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