Any advice on Chickenpox (varicella) vaccine impact on primary APS?


Hope this finds you well.

I am reqiured to have the chickenpox vaccine for a research placement at a health care facility as part of a new protocol on communicable diseases here in Ontario- Canada. I haven't had chickenpox despite multiple exposures in my lifetime - and am wondering if anyone have any advice about this vaccine and primary APS.

Thanks for your responses.


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  • Peter have they checked your titers to varicella? You could quite possibly already be immune to it..... Maybe you had a very mild case and never knew it...

    I can't answer on the vaccine itself but I had to get the combined flu shot at work so I just made sure I was covered on anticoagulants well just in case. I was fine, no side effects at all.

    There have been some studies done showing that APS antibody titers to have a temporary rise. Not sure if this is published but saw it a American College of Rheumatology conference a couple years ago in the poster pesentation section. (I think it may have been flu vaccine but not sure).

    Interestingly in conversation with one of the researchers and another I learned they hypothesize that it is the preservative (thimeroseal) possibly and not the vaccine......

  • Hi Kristina, I have tested negative sveral times in the past few years. I've had the other combined shots (MMR and DTP?) but that was about 5 years ago aand had annual flu shots for well over 10 years with the exception of last 2011. There are some studies that show thrombotic occurrance in varicella infection so your advice on being covered with anticogaulants is appreciated.



  • Hi peter i really sugest you talk to your doctor about it as each case is different. In my case I can get any shots not even flu shots. Actually doctor believe that thanks to a triple shot my aps got crazy, to a point in which my blood levels were in 3 :( so i hghly recommend you to talk to your personal doctor about it!

  • Hello:

    thanks for your reply. I do agree that each case is different and having physician who can help with the decision making and accept the patient's decisions is a valuable one.

  • Hi Peter,

    I would be very cautious about having any vaccinations when you have an autoimmune illness. I was told that they can be the trigger to autoimmune conditions.

    I agree with Kristina that it is a good idea to be tested to see if you have immunity.

  • Thank You. My concern is that there is no hard evidence on what triggered my attack in 2010 and I need to be cautious on what can possibly trigger another event.


  • I understand. So you should really talk to your physician about it caUse in my personal case my dr believes that a vaccine did triggered my aps. Take care peter!

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