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thanks for messages of support

Thanks to everyone for their messages of support over my memory problems. Taking things slowly, but still having too many blips. Has it's funny side though - I thought I had really lost it when I went to put my car in the garage and it was already there! Turned out hubby had put it away for me!

Had my MRI scan last week and if our insurance will pay up a cognitive assessment in a couple of weeks, so hopefully get some answers about this sudden deterioration.


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Hello, glad to hear of positive progress and also evidence that sense of humour is in place! Love MaryF x


It's not all bad. At least when there is another repeat on the tv you may not remember it being on before like I do! Makes watching the tv in the evening almost worthwhile these days.

You are lucky to be driving though, I cannot anymore because of the Tia's I suffer with. So again, not all bad. You just always have to be positive and look on the bright side, and your husband sounds like a very caring person.


Afraid memory loss and what you describe is one of the after effects of stroke, sorry. It's when you are holding your toobrush and wonder why, we wonder......?


Yes - you've got it in one! I went through all this 13yrs ago and it looks as though it may have happened again even though I am on warfarin. Will just have to wait and see what the results of the MRI show up and also what St Thomas' think (if my appointment doesn't get cancelled again!)


I totally sympathise.

The last time I took the car any distance was to my meet my sister in law for lunch. When I returned to the car I couldn't remember which side I should get in! I stood there for ages trying to decide where the steering wheel was, it was like a scene from Absolutely Fabulous!

My memory has been particularly bad this week and haven't been able to remember things straight after they have been said. I have TIA's and small vessel disease courtesy of Hughes. Bit frightening really!

My husband calls me Goldfish.

Hope you get some answers at St T's x


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