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Thanks for caring!

I would like to express my thanks to the partners and carers of all our APS patients.

I thought about it for a while and realised how special,you must be.

The unsung heroes and heroines that care for and give comfort to those who are afflicted with this Syndrome.

Be sure that others have noticed the little things that you do daily, none more so than the person you care for.

Even if, at the time, they can't tell you in words, rest assured that your efforts have been seen and are very much appreciated.

You are the wind beneath their wings.

Wayne L

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So true Wayne My husband / Carer is my hero every day I thanked him told him I loved him and 10 + times a day I said I am so sorry for being ill last September 23 my hubby became very ill with Heart Failure and Kidney failure we were called to the hospital 5 times to say good bye but thank God he made it he is not the same man but he is alive I now care for him and he says to me he is sorry 10+ times day we have done a complete turn around life for us both is very hard but we laugh every day we sleep a lot but life is sweet isn't it x


I am a carer but i have APS , the person i care for does say thank you and now and again i get a bar of chocolate from him, he think i am healthy but i take more meds than him each day, we have a laugh as he dont know how to turn the Tv on or change the channels, we go out once a month and he pays for me to take him, i have to deal with everything and now i am doing all the house hold jobs for him while he sits and drinks his cider and smokes which is not doing his lungs any good all ready has had treatment for cancer, I think carers should get more for what there do, i am not even this man family only a friend as his family dont wont to know,

some days i just want to stay in bed when i am feeling ill but at 7am every day i get up and see to him,

sorry to rant but some days when i am low i think why am i doing it, plus this week i have had a cold that is not helping


Hi, Christine.

I agree that carers should get more for what we do, but I think that the rewards somedays are well worth the effort.

It gives us a reason to get out of bed, particularly when we don't feel well, which sometimes is exactly the push we need to go on.

Keep up the good work and remember that you're not alone.

Wayne L


Hi Wayne

I agree entirely, my fella and my children who help too are all fantastic. I'm very independent and insist on doing things I shouldn't. I of course get told of frequently, especially by my 14 year old daughter.

I do really appreciate all they do for me.

I also see things from carers point of view my son has autism so he can be hard work sometimes.

I'm sorry you having such a hard time Christine, sometimes you got to look out for yourself. Feel free to rant when you need to.

Take care gentle hugs love to you both Sheena xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hear hear Wayne, I just had a sloppy kiss from my hubby before I read this. I said whats that for and he said just to cheer you up! :-)


Hi Wayne

I agree having friends and family and carers reall makes a diffrence once you know what you can do they can be there to support you and take it forward.

Like HP i just got a kiss form my wife followed by the 2 youngest lol



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