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Mary F Is that picture Mrs Slokem???? From R U Being Served??

I watch that show on Public Television in the (USA) and find it to be very funny, (I must rush home and tend to my ,,,er umm Kitty LOL.. I love Mr Granger, Humphries, Cptn Peacock, and the maintenance guy who is the union shop foreman, I particularly enjoy "Young Mr Grace and his nurses"."You have all done very well"

Anyway I also enjoyed the Goodies and all the Python gags.. Cheers and best wishes to you. Hope you are feeling well.

Any input you can provide on my post would be appreciated.



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Of course it is her.... and oh dear my cover has been blown! Mary F x


LOL love that show thanks for your other posts.


Dear DangerousDoug2

I'm glad you like The Goodies. I was an extra in one episode of The Goodies, when they won the Tour de france. The cycling club I was a member of in West London were invited to 'star' along side the trio. I was the first rider over the line behind the The Goodies but I have never seen the episode on TV, as it was broadcast on a day when I was at a dinner.

Best wishes.



we should load it up on here!


Hi Mary

I've tried to find it on youtube but no luck yet..



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