ATOS: Channel 4 Dispatches 8 pm Monday 30th July

This will be worth a watch!

Please consider SIGNING and SHARING these two petitions, which are reaching the end of their signing life!



Mary F

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  • I have a feeling there is also a Panorama prog on the same day on the same subject I will have to double check.

  • Well thank heavens for BBC Iplayer etc etc

  • mary cannot see it is listed are you sure of the date???

  • It should be.. tomorrow.. or as per the Guardian article x

  • Did have a quick look Panorama is on at 20.30 and looks at the 'sick note culture' and what the curent govt is doing.......could be very interesting.

  • Hi Mary

    Will be watching with interest! Both should be very interesting. Thanks for info.

    Gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Panorama on BBC2 on Monday night covers the same issue. Directly follows Dispatches will record both as I have claims pending myself.

    Thanks for info Mary

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