This runs out in a few days and it needs help to reach 1000 signatures

Hi there

Lots of people are signing this petition now AND passing it via email and facebook to help it reach it's target.

I have some great medical care, including my local GP surgery, but at times I have had a struggle to find basic medical care for my family. I fully support the NHS and deplore the culture that patients and medical staff at times are subjected to.

When medical staff try and make things better and raise serious issues they can often be treated very very badly. The same applies to patients. This culture is not helpful to either side of the fence. I support this paper and petition - as I believe that dignity in care and in the work place is key to modern progress.

Mary F

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  • Signed. Have a good day all.

  • Yes, I agree. Carry on with the good work.

  • Thanks, it needs passing on for further sigs. Thanks. Mary F x

  • I very much hope more people can find the time to sign, its important to our care and the support we get from health professionals.

  • Yes and after signing, passing on via email and facebook or wherever, and thanks Mary F x

  • I've already signed Mary

    take Care

  • I've signed

  • Thank you x

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