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Independance poem


Independence means everything to me

The chance to prove I can manage

Look after myself

It’s the first step towards freedom

The question is “How can I prove my independence?”

It’s hard to explain

It’s hard to express without hurting others feelings

Without causing offence or my ill will

The voice inside of me is screaming for independence

The body is willing to try

The people around me still find it hard to let go

How do I break the cycle of dependence?

To me independence is taking control

Learning from my mistakes

Its trail and error

It’s falling down but at the same time getting back up and trying again

I have an inner drive that spurs me on towards getting my independence back

The freedom to chose where I go

Who I see

And weather or not I call for help and assistance

Independence is my ticket

To returning to work

True Happiness and inner peace

To moving on from the past

I wrote this when i was in the hospital post stroke i havent shared this with very many people so i figured here would be a good starting place.

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Lovely poem Clare and very poignant. I can imagine quite a few APSers relating to this. Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks for sharing Clare other people will find this as helpful as you did writing it.


Very much a poem straight from the heart, plus yes we can relate to it xx


Hi Clare,

Love your poem, straight from the heart.

Take care, hugs Jessielou xxxxxxxxxx


Thank you all for the lovely comments. I ve not really shared alot of the things i wrote down when i was in hospital post stroke i guess i just haven't found the right place till now.



Hi Clare.

Keep sharing hon. Your poems put so many of our thoughts into words. Hope you well. Take care hugs jessielou x x x x x x x


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