My attempt at a poem!!

Ok Paddy!

Here is a poem I wrote last night by looking at others for inspiration & experiences of my own!

Hope you all like it : )


I would like you to understand

Without too much sympathy

Please just be there if needed

Just try to listen to me.

I get so tired & fatigued

My body doesn’t feel like my own

My body aches & hurts

I try not to complain & moan.

I find it hard to concentrate

My words get muddled & slurred

I’ll get what we call ‘brain fog’

Often I can’t find the right words.

I may get bad headaches

My hands may tremor

I’ll often go of balance & sway

My right side a different colour.

My body doesn’t always respond

My memory Isn’t too good

This causes embarrassment

This disorder nickname is ‘Sticky blood.’

Please don’t judge me

As one day I wont need a stick

But then when I do…’ll ask….

‘What’s up? you don’t look sick!’

10 Replies

  • Suzy that is brilliant well done, it hits the nail on the head well done!!!!

    Thank you for doing this your a star

  • Thank you, I'm blushing now!! : )

  • Suzy, that is brilliant..........couldn't put it better.

  • Fanx........wasn't sure if I could do it!! : )

  • Hi Sue

    Is spot on hon, well done.

    Couldn`t put it better, if I tried.

    Take care, gentle hugs, Sheena xx :-) :-) :-)

  • Cheers hun, I'm a poet & didn't know it!!! ;)

    Enjoyed meetin up tonight again by the way :) keep well & happy :) xx

  • Aye very good!

  • Thanks Garry!! :)

  • Exactly exactly how I feel 98% of the time

  • I thought it may apply to us all, take care x

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